Monday, September 8, 2008

Dylan's latest funny thing

So lately whenever we are about to do something that Dylan doesnt want to do - he has a very polite way of telling us he wants nothing to do with us and to leave him alone.  For instance, this morning, it suddenly got quiet and I noticed that I was able to sit at my computer for more than 5 minutes without someone screaming at my side yelling, "Mommy DOWN!"  (aka, get away from the computer NOW, Mommy!).  So I went to investigate and found that he had gone in his playroom and closed the door.  So I knocked and said, "Can I come in?"  I peeked in and a lovely (?) smell washed over me.  Ahhhh, so thats why he was hiding out.  He says, "No Mommy.  Bye Bye Mommy!  See you later Mommy! Bye!"  This is what he says to us now to get us to leave him be.  "Dylan, time to eat!"  "No, bye-bye Daddy!  Bye Bye Mommy!  See you later!"  Such a funny boy.  


  1. What a funny boy!! At least he's going into hiding when he has to use the bathroom!! Now if only he was potty trained!

  2. think you should take the hint, and make a chart like Renae!! You go (in the potty!!) DD

  3. i could have done without the lovely smell comment, but i do think it is cool that little dude is developing his own sense of self.