Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lame. Lame. Lame.

There was supposed to be a video RIGHT HERE of DD doing his crazy "Wild Man" before bed routine, but the video didnt upload properly and I'm not doing it over again. Which blows cuz it was quite entertaining and I know it would have brought in readers. This blog would have caught fire with such amazing video! LAME!! Now this post is LAME!

Well, anyway, this was typed while I waited for nothing (the non-uploaded video):

Here's the Sunday recap: We attempted to go to church this morning, but some sort of catastrophe prevented that from happening. Apparently a Modeling Analyst was greatly needed at 8:15am on a Sunday. (rolls eyes) So after the crisis was diverted, we went to the Brainerd instead. Not much to report from there. Back at home, DD has become quite obsessed with an old Christmas singing toy. I got out our fall decor yesterday and then decided to do some rearranging of some Christmas decor while I was at it. I then made the mistake of pointing out the toy to him. He's been playing it ever since. Pretty much non stop. So all we've been hearing is a cow, a pig and a puppy singing together in their native languages to the tune of "Jingle Bells." Cute at first, not so cute after several plays. In September. Poor thing probably isn't even going to work by December. OH WELL, right? Ha!

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  1. Boy, DD will reeeealy love it at Gma Puppy's house this Xmas!!