Thursday, September 18, 2008


Greetings Readers!

Well, again, not much is going on around here.  We have guests coming this weekend (Hef and Shannon) so I will be trying to tidy up today and also plan out some tasty food to have while they are here.  Eric's suggestion was brats and burgers.  Borrrrrinnnnnng!  So hopefully I can come up with something a little more fun.  DD is busy watching Clifford (allowing me more time to update you all today).  Here he is yesterday watching Handy Manny, his new favorite show.  Why he is standing on the table to watch it, I dont know???  Perhaps he is looking to burn calories while he watches.  After all, this family has been known to do sit ups or pushups while we watch tv.  

Here is the progression of fall.  Not much to see yet.  However, the tree I've been watching across the lake is a bright neon pink and I told Eric that I must get over there and take a picture of it before its too late!

Ooooh now here is something hip hop happening!  Eric noticed we have a furry, flying friend yesterday.  I think its strange that he's by himself with no bat friends!  Apparently he likes to hang by himself.  Pun intended!  Anyway, after Eric took a few pictures of him, he decided that his spot by the hot tub wasn't private enough and moved about 5 feet around the corner.  Apparently he is not the brightest bat in his family.  Cuz we noticed him again awhile later.  We kept our distance tho.  Rabies is not in fashion this year.
Well, I tried to upload pics of my painting debacle yesterday.  But it appears that Blogger needs to work on how their picture uploads work.  I recommend uploading your pictures first and then typing.  Cuz for some lame reason, Blogger automatically uploads them to appear at the top of the screen and its virtually impossible to move them down to the bottom (or wherever you might want them) without completely messing up your entire post.  I hate you Blogger. 
Anyway, I painted the rest of the guest bathroom yesterday.  The walls were to be a chocolate brown.  First coat looked like a red tinted Hershey's syrup.  Second coat - getting closer to brown, but still looks a bit red.  Third coat: not applied yet.  Apparently you need a gallon of paint to do 2 very small walls when you are using a color like this.  Who knew?!  So I will have to finish it later after yet another trip to Home Depot.  Fun!  

Well, thats it for today.  Clifford is about to wrap up, so I better publish this post before it's too late.  Adios!


  1. Oh man do bats creep me out! they are like rats with wings. Mammals are not meant to fly!!

  2. The lake view has since been expanded.