Friday, September 19, 2008

DD's crane

Dylan has a new toy everyone!  It just appeared yesterday and since its parked in our driveway, it must be ours, right?  I mean, no one asked if they could park it there sooooo -- finders keepers!  HA HA, road crew!  We're takin' it!  

As you can see here, the road is not done.  Not even close.  Dylan doesn't mind tho.  It provides endless entertainment for him.  And now that the crane is ours, the beach will be done in no time! 

P.S.  Did you know that if you click on the pictures, they get bigger?  (That tip is for you, Mom)  


  1. I love the new toy...didn't you know that was my bday for the boy!!It was good to talk to you via camera. Hope you have fun with the company this weekend.

  2. I did know that, really I did.

    I love the crane, where are you going to store it? For not ever wanting stuff, Eric sure is amassing tons of stuff. You'll have to put on an addition soon!

    Are they widening the road??

  3. That does look like a fun toy. Where's the keys? All pictues aren't clickable. Blogger is so sensitive... you have to place the pics in your post just right for them to be. Stupid Blogger.

  4. I thot I would take the libery of clarifying....its an EXCAVATOR apparently.