Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A quick update is all I am allowed

This is gonna be a quick update.  DD is whining at my feet saying, "Mommy play!"  So I must be brief.  Here's a pic of him playing with his Christmas toy and singing along with them.  Wish I could figure out how to get the video of him singing uploaded.  I have no idea why, but it seems our video camera hates me.
Here is a picture of a loon we saw yesterday on a pontoon ride with Larry and Ingrid.  Eric the photog jumped to his feet to snap about 50 pictures of the pair of loons.  They were pretty crabby that we were so close.
Here is DD wearing 2 lifejackets.  It was his idea to put on the orange ones.  Who would have thought that would happen since he previously hated wearing ANY life jacket. 
And here is the progress on Eric's beach.  He requested I take some pics for you all to see.  Exciting, isnt it?

Coming soon....fall colors.  Each morning, the leaves seem to have changed a little more.  So once they are in full color, I will take some pics for you all to see and you can imagine that you are here with us enjoying them too.  

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