Saturday, November 20, 2010


We went to the Brainerd this morning so we could hit up the Y and work on our fitness while the kiddies played in the play area.  I Zumba’d my heart out and feel as though I could give that instructor a run for her money if she doesn’t watch out! Open-mouthed  We got done working out to find that Dylan is once AGAIN sick.  He has a fever this time.  Uggggggg. This is getting reDONKulous!  I mean, I know the kid hasn’t really been sick at all, so we should have seen this coming – but really – 2 times in 7 days?  Come on!   DSC_2527

So we scrapped our day and came home.  He spent the afternoon on the couch doing much of this: DSC_2528

Avos showed the proper amount of concern. DSC_2534How could he be sick AGAIN?! She wondered.  I know, Avery, Mommy thought the SAME THING.   DSC_2535

So I did what any good Mommy would do and I made soup.  Of course, he didn’t eat a lick of it, but I saw that one coming.   I made a Carrot Lentil Soup that I found in the Smart School Time Recipe’s eCookbook.  You can download it here if you haven’t already done so.  It is AWESOME and full of healthy food for the fam.  Do yourself a favor and download it – you won’t be sorry.   DSC_2541

Avery ate it though – hats off to the chef, she said!  


Alright, well, I must go relax because I’m sure that we’ll have a little visitor in our bed tonight meaning we won’t get a lot of sleep.  So I better rest it up!

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