Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ice in!

  Good afternoon!

Has anyone seen this guy yet in stores?


What about his friend?  Reason I ask is because I haven’t seen ANY singing toys at ALL this year.  Not even any like our trio of a pig, dog and cow singing Jingle Bells!  No singing toys anywhere!  Not that we really need anymore.  I just think its strange.DSC_2557

  How about Santa nesting dolls?  Anyone?  Kidding.  These came from Mexico and clearly are one of a kind. WinkDSC_2561

Kinda like this kid – one of a kind.  And for the record, he KNOWS his shirt is on backwards.  He just likes it that way.  Ooookay. Sarcastic DSC_2563

Don’t get excited!  The rink is not there yet.  But it snowed yesterday, so they decided they better go out and shovel it anyway.  Avery acts as though her snow boots have cement in the bottom of them.  That’s what you’d think by watching her walk in them, anyway.  But hey – its an improvement from the last time she had them on when she refused to even take a step! DSC_2567 DSC_2574Now

THIS you can actually get excited about.  Its for real.  We officially have ICE! And a RINK!  There was some question as to whether it was going to work out because of a giant crack that formed in the ice last night allowing water to settle on top of the ice.  Luckily, not all the ice in front of our house was affected.  DSC_2575 DSC_2577

Guess who is GLIDING again!  Its taken him a few weeks to get back into it, but I think he’ll be zooming around even more in a couple of weeks.  Its like riding a bike! DSC_2582 DSC_2585 DSC_2586

Taking a rest on our mostly submerged dock.  And before you say, “uh, you’re supposed to take that out, aren’t you?” – let me tell you that NO, we don’t take ours out.  Why?  Well, because if we did – it would snap in half most likely and we’d have to buy a new one.  And nobody wants to do that!   DSC_2591 DSC_2593 DSC_2595

This last picture pretty much sums up how he feels about winter, snow and skating.  Pure bliss! DSC_2597

That’s it for now!  My little skater just finished his hot chocolate and now it’s time to snuggle he says.  Can’t pass that up! 

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  1. Hummmm, I commented on this post while at J&R's, but obviously it didn't work!!! What darling pix of D----he truly appears to be in ecstasy!! Would like the last three pix, both in 3x5 and 5x7!!!