Thursday, October 28, 2010

Girls just want to have fun!

  When is Avery going to start acting like a GIRL????  I got her these cute little “Ugg” boots today at Target and so far – she’s not a fan.  I’m hoping she was just in one of her “moods.”  DSC_1922 DSC_1924

She is stomping her feet in protest here. DSC_1926


WHAT is NOT to like here, Avos?!  Cuuuuuuute!  She won’t let me do her hair and she won’t let me dress her up!  If she didn’t LOVE to dance, I might be more worried. Wink DSC_1930

Eric and Dylan left this afternoon to go BACK to Crookston.  Eric is going to coach Dylan’s hockey team this year and in order to do so, he has to take a class on being a coach.  He claimed that none of the other times or cities would work for him to go to, so back they went to C-Town.  Which means – Girls Weekend! Just me, Avos and Millscat.  This also means I can make whatever the heck I want to eat and I won’t get any guff from anyone (Avery can’t talk very well yet, you see)!  So today while I was killing time in Brainerd, I picked up a wonderful little portabella at the Co-op for my consumption this evening!    DSC_1934 DSC_1935

Behold – the Portabella Burger with Avocado Spread.  When I got home from shopping, I had to figure out what I had on hand in order to come up with what to make.  I had some avocados that were in desperate need of being used up, so this recipe it was!  I used Greek Yogurt in place of the regular yogurt and opted to not put extra slices of avocado on top (mainly b/c the avocados I had were having some issues and were unusable for the most part – thanks a lot Cub Foods!).  DSC_1937

Had a side of Kale Chips and also some Alexia Spicy Chipotle Sweet Potato fries. DSC_1939

Oh, was this a good dinner!  LOVED IT!  Would totally make it again and am contemplating driving back to the Co-Op for MORE mushys!  Open-mouthed And higher quality avocados too!  Hmph! DSC_1941

Well, I must go enjoy my tv viewing freedom!  Adios!


  1. Cute boots! If Natalie's boots from last year don't fit, I'll have to look into getting her a pair of those. BTW - my comments for your food have always been "looks yummy!"... until now. You lost me at porta... LOL.

  2. Cute boots, but they look BIG for her---maybe that's the prob.??? Soooo, is the portabella sauted or is it raw??
    Enjoy your girl's wknd!! I KNOW I will!!!