Friday, September 17, 2010

We must be nuts…

…cuz we’ve gone Loony again.  Yep, at we’re at Loon Lodge.  My cousin Nicole gets married this weekend in Crookston so we had to make a pit stop here.  My sister hadn’t seen the place yet either, so theres that too.  Avery looks amused.  “Oh yay.  We’re at Loon Lodge again.”DSC_0573

In the brief time that we’ve been away from Loon Lodge – fall arrived!   DSC_0574 DSC_0575

They are busy trying to close up the cabin for the year, so we had to eat up what was left in the cupboard.  Which meant it was finally time to break down and eat the last bag of Costa Rican Frijoles Rojos.  Translation: Costa Rican red beans that ROCK.  We’ve found a site online to buy them, so all is well in the world.  Which is good because my Avos is OBSESSED with them.  She ate nothing but red beans and milk for dinner last night.DSC_0581

Dylan had nothing to do with them.  He’s busy with his bulldozer. DSC_0583

Bean coma. DSC_0585

Screaming at Grandpa to give her more beans (we had cut her off for diaper changing sake in the morning).   DSC_0590

“Uggggg.  Why won’t anyone LISTEN TO ME!?!?!? Fine!  I’ll wipe my face on the couch! That’ll show em!” DSC_0592

Today we got the stupid idea to take a boat ride.  At first it seemed okay, but it turned out to be a baaaaaad idea.  Summer and fall have collided.   DSC_0595 DSC_0597Th

e crew examining the wall falling into the lake.  It was serious bidness.   DSC_0600

Fall fashion statement! DSC_0601

Its a good look for her, me thinks. DSC_0602

Stoopin to a new low!   DSC_0603

Finally!  Documentation of the sunglass collection! DSC_0605 DSC_0606 DSC_0607 DSC_0614

(note: these are Jon’s actual sunglasses.) DSC_0615

Fallllllllllllllllllllllllllllll DSC_0616

Here’s were it got ugly.  Yes, that

‘s Susan snuggling with a dog.  Yep, a real dog.  This is not a fake dog.  Real dog here people!  Desperate times call for desperate measures.  It was COLD!  The sun left us, the wind picked up, the waves were splashin’ and we took cover and comfort with a blanket and lap dogs.  It had to be done. DSC_0621

Back on dry land, it was snack time.  Best almond butter ever! Paired with a lovely honeycrisp apple! DSC_0624Avery was “helping” feed the dogs. 



DSC_0626It wasn’t just me she offered to share her apple with.  Yuck! DSC_0627


























Well, I’ve run out of things to tell you.  Eric came and took the kids to his parents house, so I will be having a kid free night! Woohoo!  Crazy times to come!  Okay, so probably not, but I like to pretend I can still hang with the best of em.  There’s talk of another showing of Hot Tub Time Machine and I can’t pass that up!  Open-mouthed G’night!

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