Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Goose egg

  It was another long day for us (hence, the reason this post is posted a day late!).  The kids were really busy entertaining their Auntie Susan while I was busy spiffying up the house.  We’re on a top secret (for now) mission that required me to clean this place up a bit.  So it was very important that I had a filling breakfast part 2.  This is Chobani Raspberry Greek Yogurt, Muesli, raw rolled oats, and raspberries.  Delicious!  DSC_0385

Lunch was another attempt at the black bean burger.  This one was good!  Topped with muenster cheese, guacamole and a tomato!  Bravo, Trishy, Bravo!  DSC_0389

Avos is sporting some new clothes!  And for once, she left her barrette in longer than 2 seconds! DSC_0392

They are once again dancing to Mamma Mia. DSC_0395

He was having a great time.   DSC_0396

And then this happened.  He was looking back at me to make sure I was watching and ran into one of the side tables.  He stifled his cries though cuz I think he wanted Auntie Susan to think he was a tough guy.   DSC_0399

I had to hold the ice pack on his head.  Someone was milkin it.   DSC_0400

While I was stuck holding the ice pack, Avos took the opportunity to take out each and every diaper and wipe.  Thanks Avery!   DSC_0401

He decided he could hold it.   DSC_0402

Avery was REAL concerned about him.   DSC_0403

Thats all for today.  I have more work to do today on the secret mission.  Wink

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