Sunday, September 12, 2010


So, be honest – did anyone really miss me?  We went to Minneapolis for the weekend so I could indulge in a little retail therapy with Renae.  I was just going to go alone, but we all went so that Eric could watch all 4 kids since Taco Jon was out of town on businazz.  Does anyone else find it amusing that Taco Jon would be on a business trip?  I do!  Anyway, the reason for the hiatus is that these silly folks don’t know their wireless password, so no one else can use their internet when there.  Hence, a hiatus.  You didn’t even know I was gone though, I just know it! 

Here is Ozzman, hangin’ out.  He’s always up to something… DSC_0303

Saturday morning before shopping, Renae and I juiced up a bunch of veggies from her garden.  Pictured in this bouquet of delishness is: kale, red pepper, cucumber, celery and grapefruit.  DSC_0312

Gotta get your greens in!   DSC_0314

Daniel takes a drink. DSC_0318

He liked it!   DSC_0320

I liked it too.  We thought it had a salty taste but we arent sure what it would be from.  

I took a picture of Renae with her favorite item from the shopping excursion, but not one of me yet.  So no pictures of our lovely things for you!  Yet.  Or ever.  Can’t decide.  So then today we all went to the Como Zoo in St Paul.  DSC_0326

Avery LOVED the zoo.  She squealed with delight at each new animal she saw.  I think her favorites were the ducks and the seals.  I concur, the seals were fun.   DSC_0332

You just gotta get a pic on the turtle! DSC_0335 Here they are watching the seals play with their ball.  

  DSC_0340 DSC_0346

Fishies. DSC_0349

LOVE the mustache on this monkey. DSC_0365And here is the whole crew walking along.  It was good times at the zoo! 


I have no idea why that last bit is underlined and I don’t feel like trying to figure out how to get it to stop being underlined.  I seem to have my cold back that I had gotten after last weekend.  I feel all “phlemy.”  So, I’m calling it a night!  Later!


  1. Oh yes I did too miss you on the wknd!! I kept checking your blog---how lame that they don't even know their password!!
    Sooo where was the pix of Renae's fav. purchase?? and I want pix of it all!!!
    Of course you had to take turtle pix----it's tradition---have same pix of you!!
    Love love love the oix of Eric and the kids!!! XX
    the mustache monkey made me think of Maya!! XXXX MOM

  2. Oh come now... Tricia actually enjoyed her break! :) Nice pics! I don't think we have a turtle picture with Daniel. The last couple of times we went there, we didn't go into the conservatory so I forgot about the turtle. We must go back!

  3. No pics of your and Renae's shopping trip :( Can you at least described what you got? LOL