Thursday, September 9, 2010

School Boy

  Dylan started preschool today!!  We were running late this morning (someone was stalling!) so we only took one picture before we left.DSC_0252I could tell he was nervous on the drive in, so I tried to distract him with the sounds of Lady Gaga.  It seemed to work.  We got to school and he met one of his teachers.  Still doing okay.  But as you can see by the look on his face – he wasn’t too sure about it.   DSC_0260

After he met the teacher, we headed towards the preschool room and that’s where it all unraveled.  He started to cry.  I think he was overwhelmed by the teacher initially and all the hustle and bustle going on there.  He said he didn’t want to go to school anymore and he wanted Daddy (Eric was at home with Avery).  I told him it would be okay and he made me PROMISE that I was NOT going to LEAVE.  EVER.  After we got that settled, we went in.  And, he was fine.  SmileDSC_0263He walked from one “station” to the next checking each thing out.  All the other kids were doing it! Wink DSC_0264 DSC_0265

I, of course, was impressed by the kitchen!  They had a lot of awesome play food.  That curly haired chick almost took a tiny frying pan to the head though.  No one tells my DD that he can’t play with something!  DSC_0267 DSC_0268

Next, we moved to the painting station.  Another area in which I excel!  Open-mouthed Oh wait, this isn’t about me.  He loved it though!  He was a little peeved that there was only one color.  He was all, “where’s the blue?”  DSC_0269 DSC_0271

Next up – play dough!  Better do it there, cuz you’re not doing it here! Ha!   DSC_0272B

ack to painting!  Budding Picasso, no?   DSC_0274 DSC_0275

Puzzle corner.  Such concentration.   DSC_0277

And that was all the pictures I took, as it was time for the moms and dads to go in another room to talk with the teacher.  To my surprise, I told him that I was leaving to go in the next room and he didn’t really care.  Of course, I told him that I was coming back and I was just right across the hall.  So perhaps that helped.  We’ll see how it goes on Monday when I leave, leave.  After school was over, we went to Joanne Fabrics to scope out the deals they were supposedly having since they are closing one store and opening another.  We have/had plans to make more of those tie fleecy blankets and we needed fabric.  So since Avos wasn’t with us – it was the perfect time to go.  Letting a 15 month old loose in a craft store – soooooooo not high on my list of things to do.  Especially THAT craft store.  Crap all over the floor that she’d likely try to eat.  So we got fabric for Avery’s blanket (Dylan’s blanket was a no go - they didn’t have hockey stick fabric this time! What?! WHAT?!), and some supplies to make a birthday card for Ingrid, as today is her birthday.  When we got home – it was craft time.  DSC_0280

Avery saw the camera come out, cruised over to me and said, “CHEEEEEEEEESE.”  DSC_0282

Such a ham.  (She’s saying it here too) DSC_0283

Avery is practicing her yoga.  Or is she putting on Dylan’s shoe?  Here is some of the loot from today.  Avery’s fabric, Dylan’s fancy new shoes, socks for both kids and some jammies for Avery.  Fancy!   DSC_0287

And of course we had to get a new backpack!!  DSC_0290

Such a little schoolboy!  He wanted to wear his backpack and new shoes to deliver his card to Ingrid.   DSC_0291

Avery wanted to play on her new blankies.  I think they are the perfect patterns for her room!  And it will definitely be big enough for her once she has a big girl bed.  Damn, I’m good.   DSC_0293Clearly, she thinks so too. DSC_0296 DSC_0298

Well, I gotta get back to finishing it.  Its half done right now and if you’ve ever made one – you can’t leave it for the next day.  Especially when you have little people who might destroy your work. 


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  1. So proud of D!!! Takes time to sdjust to this big change, but before you know it he will be jumping out of the RAV before it stops! Avery is looking pretty darn cute!!