Monday, September 20, 2010

Nicole’s Wedding

  My cousin Nicole got married this past weekend in Crookston.  I had no time (or internet connection) to blog, so this is a bit delayed.  And if you are thinking, “well, you could have done it Sunday night when you got home!” you would be wrong.  I was way too tired.  Trishy doesn’t stay up til 11:30 all that often (yes, that sounds lame, I know.  But truth be told, I was actually up til almost 2am b/c of a snoring mother and a drunken sister) and I had to just veg out when we finally arrived back home.  So here is your better late than never recap of Nicole and Shane’s wedding. 

Grandpa Tom and his “Crookston Coffee” (meaning, its very weak coffee).  My initial thought upon reviewing this photo - “Who invited Grandma Edna!?”  LOL!  DSC_0628

A classic.  I love how Melissa and Mara are mad that they were not given fair warning that a picture was about to be taken.  Notice how MY siblings were ready.  They know me too well. DSC_0629

So Melissa requested a second chance.  Well done Melissa! Totally redeemed yourself! DSC_0630

Aunt Bobbi Pin was ready for her close up.  As was Ethan.   DSC_0631

Cousin Kay and my mom. DSC_0632

Purdy girl Avery.  (Her shoes that match the dress didn’t arrive in time.  Bummer) DSC_0635

Someone gave Dylan a giant plate of jelly beans BEFORE dinner.   DSC_0638

Had to include this – shes so cute! DSC_0639

Watching the golf putting game they had on the dance floor. DSC_0647

Or not.  Avery sat her butt down by the hole and refused to move.  We did nothing to help these kids out either.  It was too funny to move her!    DSC_0648 Grandpa was giving Nicole a quiz on Catholicism as she has now joined the Catholic church.  Our Grandma Pat is spinning in her grave over this one, Nicole!  DSC_0653The

beautiful bride and her beaming mother! DSC_0654Avos


had to be held down and hog tied to stay put during the toasts. 

  DSC_0664 DSC_0666

She seriously cracks me up.  Dylan is pretty funny too. DSC_0667She knew just what to do whenever she heard clapping though. DSC_0668


Ellie and Dylan were busy hammin’ it up during the toasts.  At this point we had given up trying to control them.  Sorry about that Nicole!  But in our defense, you can totally blame all this on Uncle Pete.  If he hadn’t have moved us from our  prime “head table viewing” table, then we wouldn’t have been directly next to the head table.  Those stairs were just asking to be played on!   DSC_0685

Avery talked her new boyfriend into going “behind the scenes.”   DSC_0687 DSC_0689Sorry Mara, I had to include this picture!  It was too funny not to! DSC_0693 DSC_0698 DSC_0699 DSC_0701 DSC_0702 DSC_0703

The bride and groom! DSC_0710

I love the open mouth smiles on them all! DSC_0711Dance time!  Ethan and Ellie dominated the dance floor most of the evening.


Avery had to shake it before she turned into a pumpkin.   DSC_0724 DSC_0726 DSC_0727 DSC_0728


And that’s it for photos from the wedding.  I got sick of hauling my camera around.  The bartender even asked if I was the photographer!  Figured that was probably my cue to put the camera down and just enjoy the wedding festivities.  I did, but not as much as some of my relatives! Wink  I felt fabulous Sunday morning!  Other people, not so much!  Suckers! 


Guess what came today?  The shoes that match the dress Avery wore on Saturday night.  Grrrrr!  They sure are cute!  Speaking of Avery and cuteness– she went to the dr this morning and she is 23 pounds and 30 1/4 inches tall.  Gone are the days of being off the charts (as in, so small that she didn’t even make the chart)!

DSC_0732 Later!

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