Thursday, July 29, 2010

Well, quit your poopin’ then!

Brutus is up to no good again!  Not surprising, I know.  She figured out how to get past the stair barrier, so we’re back to square one.  Currently there is a couch in front of the stairs and clearly, that is not going to work (remember how I sprained my ankle a few days ago – can’t imagine trying to maneuver over a couch to get up and down the stairs).  I’m wondering at what point can we trust the little monkey on the stairs?  Its a long flight of stairs and for her to fall down from the top – that would NOT be good.  Especially because A) she’d most likely get hurt and B) she’d probably cry forever.  I don’t know which would be worse.  She really does have quite the attitude for an almost 14 month old.  Once something makes her mad – you hear about for a LONG time.  As I’m typing this, she is chewing on a tube of diaper cream (the top of it is flipped open too).  Do I dare take it away from her?  I know what will happen if I do!  She’ll launch into a fit of rage (baby version of rage is screaming, red face, big breaths, sometimes laying on the floor face down kicking) that goes on and on.  And don’t even get me started on diaper changes.  I have to mentally prepare for smelling a wave of stink because I know what comes next.  And its not something that happens every so often – she screams for every diaper change.  We don’t even bother to change the pee ones.  You really have to decide what is most important – keeping your eardrums in tact or Avery wearing a very absorbant diaper for longer than she should (believe me – those babies hold A LOT).  So, what do you think – when can we ditch the barriers all together and let her at ‘em?  When were your babies okay on stairs?  I really can’t remember when Dylan became a stair master (come on!  That’s funny!).  Annnnnnnnd discuss.

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