Saturday, July 31, 2010

Last day of July 2010!

Today was a glorious summer day in Minnesota!  We started the day with our usual pancake breakfast and then it was off to work on the garage again.  Eric had to fiddle around with brick mold (which, I learned, has nothing to do with bricks) before starting the siding at our front door area.  He got the front door wall done and I think it looks pretty spiffy there now!  Now all I need is a new fall doormat and maybe a couple planters with baby pine trees and we’re all set!  Its gonna look FAB.  DSC_9326

After the kiddies took naps, we went out on the boat.  Aren’t we the luckiest?!  Don’t be jelly!  Oh, okay, you CAN be jelly.  I would be!  DSC_9267

Dylan is always kinda of hesitant to get in the water.  He was practically pushing me under water with his death grip around my neck.  I am sporting the life jacket as diaper look but you just can’t see it.DSC_9269

Actually got him to smile for once!  Its a miracle!


Avery’s turn to swim!  She didn’t want to at first either.   DSC_9275

Then she started warming up to the idea….


Dylan being silly on the boat. DSC_9284


The boat had gotten away from us so I had to kick back.  She liked that. DSC_9293

She may have a look of displeasure on her face (thats Avery for ya!), but she actually did NOT want to get out.  We kept trying to talk her into it because I wanted out (someone kept saying, “Oh!  I see weeds!” and  “Oh! Look over there!  A snapping turtle!” ) but Avos wasn’t having it.  She wanted to SWIM!


Eric was pleased when a relative of the dragonfly landed on my head.  I was not. DSC_9302

Look how lovely it was out there today!  Aren’t we the luckiest?! DSC_9310

What a stud. DSC_9313

Me and my children.  Modeling my new swimmy!  You liiiiiiiiike??! DSC_9316

What a handsome young man. DSC_9319


Another failed attempt at a family photo.  Dang it Avos!! ; ) DSC_9324

Well, I have something FABULOUS to share with you all tomorrow on the food front.  Its major.  I know, I know, how are you supposed to sleep now with this hanging over your head?!  Good things come to those who wait!

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