Friday, December 17, 2010

How many days until Christmas?


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Well, I said I was going to do a Fitness Friday post today, but then I caught the cold Eric had last week and my motivation to write a thoughtful post on fitness with my year progress pics went right out the window.  I will say though, that the new Physique 57 dvds are awesome!  I’ve done each DVD once now and they are AMAZING.  Well worth the almost year long wait.  So, hopefully soon, I’ll have a full review on them + pics. 

Not much to say about this except its Dylan.  In a box.  He’s been obsessed with asking me what in the wrapped boxes under the tree.  “What’s in this one, Mom?”  “Who is this for, Mom?”  “Mom, is this one mine?”  I think I’m gonna have to change my name!  (that joke was for you, Renae!)  He is really wanting it to be Christmas.  Every morning when he gets up, we count the days on the calendar so he can see how many more there is to go.  And then he’ll say, “and tomorrow, how many will it be?  And the next day?  And the next?”  Uggggg!!!!  LOL.DSC_3112 DSC_3113

Avery and I have been enjoying how QUIET it is around here when the boys are gone to hockey practice.  She plays so nicely with her toys when Dylan isn’t around.  No one bugs her, takes things from her or makes her scream.  Its glorious!  Here she is after her bath: DSC_3114 DSC_3115

I told her to go stand by the tree so I could take her picture.  Getting into position: DSC_3117Um, not quite what I was looking for, but it will do.

  DSC_3118 DSC_3122

And here she is taking care of one of her babies.  She had found a pair of socks and was trying to put them on her baby.  Later, she had found one of her shirts and was trying to put that on her baby.  She is growing up too fast! DSC_3123

This disturbed look is brought to you by the Grinch! LOL!  Dylan was not a fan of the Grinch.  He does not like “bad guys.”  He did end up liking him in the end, though. Wink DSC_3124

And finally, more messing around with the tripod and remote.  Excuse the mess. DSC_3128

Avery wouldn’t come over.  And Dylan just wanted to snap pictures with the remote instead of standing nicely next to me to take the picture.  I can just tell that the annual Christmas Eve picture in front of the tree is going to go over very well this year.  ThinkingDSC_3132 Well, time to go blow my nose for the zillionth time this morning!  Its only 6:30 am!  What the?!

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  1. Avoes looks so sweet in her robe, all clean and cute!! Chuckled at Dylan's disturbed look!! I have told Grandpa that he has to glue the head back on the snow man 'cause Dylan gets upset over things like that---wonder if he'll get it done???