Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fort “Hide from Winter”

Wow – I’ll be excited when I don’t have to say this anymore! If you are looking for our Christmas Collage – please scroll down.  It might actually require you to click on “older posts” now as well.  I can’t help it the postal service is slow!  

Meant to have a post last night, but we got home from Brainerd too late for me to feel like writing anything.  We went to town to pick up this little beauty!

DSC_3089Or, um, big beauty?  This is the Droid X.  Look how big it is compared to my Touch?  My little brother informs me that this is superior to the iPhone that I’ve been impatiently waiting for Verizon Wireless to carry.  I give up on waiting.  Clearly.  So far, I like it!  I just need a picture and a spiffy new ringtone and I’ll be all set! 
DSC_3092Ahhhh, winter.  The time when you are stuck inside with nothing to do but eat Christmas cookies all day.  Wink  We needed a distraction.  So we built a fort.
DSC_3076 Avery didn’t really like the fort last year at this time.  Gee, I wonder why?  What does a 6 month old do in a fort?  Get claustrophobic, I’m afraid!  So this year, she was much more of a fan.DSC_3077 Dylan, however, kept telling me that he wanted to tear it down (and did, twice) and build a different one.  DSC_3080 He still had fun for the 10 minutes the fort lasted.DSC_3082 His favorite thing to do once he is in the fort and all settled in is to have a campfire and roast marshmallows.  DSC_3083 And bear hug his sister.DSC_3084 I love how crazy her hair and smile are here!DSC_3085 Seriously – I TRY to do her hair.  Everyday, I TRY.  But no matter what I do – she rips it out.  One day she’ll be sorry.DSC_3086 I love it when he closes his eyes when he hugs her.  I can just feel the love he has for her.DSC_3088   And finally, I have good news for all of you!  Target carries Contigo water bottles now!  And even better – they are on SALE this week!  Hurry!  DSC_3093

You push that button there to release the water.  They are seriously leak proof.  Well, unless you drop the lid and it lands wrong.  I did that and I don’t recommend it.  DSC_3095Here is your demonstration of button pushage. 


DSC_3097That’s all for now!  My people will be up at any moment!  Look alive!


  1. I think I see a hair cuts and bangs in Avoes future!! ;) really--think it would be cute!!
    I have GOT to get out to Target and get some water thingys, so your Father WILL QUIT USING MINE!!!
    Such a sweet pix of Dylan hugging the girl!!! XXX

  2. Nothing wrong with the Driod you lucky girl! Love the pictures of the fort. You didn't buy that bottle at Target did you? I didn't see that color.