Saturday, December 25, 2010

An Aberdeen Christmas

  Sigh, another Christmas Day has come and gone.  It goes almost as fast as when I was a kid but not quite.  I’m sure the kids thought it went fast though.  Its always kind of a bummer (whether you are a kid or not) when Christmas is over because what is the next thing we have to look forward to (besides our vacay in February! Yay!)?  Valentine’s Day?  I think not!  I’m talking about about SUMMER people!  Only 5 more months! 6 if we’re unlucky!

Anyway, back to today.  Kids got up around 6:15 (not an unusual time, I might add) and we tromped down the stairs to see what Santa had left.  DSC_3411 DSC_3415And then it was present time.  Avos was an old pro this year! DSC_3423

This was one of Dylan’s favorite gifts – from Uncle Tommy. DSC_3425 DSC_3429 DSC_3431 DSC_3432

He also really liked this one from Uncle Jon and Aunt Renae.  He said, “Ooooooh I like this one!”DSC_3433

Avery got a couple of new babies and put Grandpa in charge of freeing them from their boxes.  She even screamed at him when he didn’t do it fast enough.  Just a loud shriek to let him know she meant business! DSC_3437 DSC_3438 Controlled chaos… DSC_3441 Taco Jon always has to have some sort of pose! Wink DSC_3449

Here I am opening a special gift from my mom. DSC_3460

My Grandma’s prized Schlitz earrings!  I see these babies making A LOT of appearances this summer!  Oh yeah!  Hopefully by then Avery has gotten over the urge to try and yank on them.  My ears!   DSC_3470

Renae helping Daniel with something…probably one of the toys with endless unnecessary toy restraints.  I think twisty ties are enough of a theft deterrent.  Adding screws to the mix….not cool.  DSC_3473??

? LOL! DSC_3476

Avery spent a lot of the day with this face on: (not feeling well and lack of sleep) DSC_3478 DSC_3487

My favorite gift – a new Lululemon hoodie! DSC_3489

My niece Natalie lookin’ stylin’ in one of my old hair bows.  Glad it could live on! (Lord knows Avery won’t be wearing it! Angry DSC_3503

Another day of dueling cameras! DSC_3505

Fascinating, indeed. DSC_3508 DSC_3509 DSC_3510

Tommy did not expect anyone would really get him this shirt when he put it on his unofficial list. DSC_3519

Do you think she can do it??? DSC_3520Our gift to Natalie – a super sweet guitar.  Jon told us we were evil and Dylan heard him.  Dylan then gave him a mean glare and said, “I’m mad at you!”  Awesome! DSC_3530 DSC_3535

As usual, Jon thinks he has the last gift of the year.  And as usual, our Mom pulls out an extra gift for herself that she has accidently “forgot” about and steals Jon’s title.   DSC_3539

The boys have really been playing together nicely this time.   DSC_3540

Avos marched to the beat of her own drum. DSC_3541And had a good time of it too! DSC_3542 DSC_3546T

he kids minus Avery (duh) went outside for a little while too.  Everyone got good exercise, so that’s good.   DSC_3564

And then they watched Beauty and the Beast before bed. DSC_3569

Minus Avos. Smile 

DSC_3575Well, that’s a wrap on Christmas 2010 Aberdeen style!  We’re off to watch Get Him to the Greek!!

Merry Christmas!

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