Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rude Awakening


Today started out interesting!  And no, it wasn’t because of the snow.  Nothing makes a parent shoot out of bed faster than the sound of vomit hittin’ the sheets!  Yep, Dylan came up to lay with us around 3am and the next thing we knew, our bed was covered in puke.  Too much information for some, I’m sure.  But whatever.  Deal.  And then the snow came.  Not too much, but enough to make it look purdy and make me have the “I want to decorate for Christmas” itch BAD.  I might give in.
DSCN1293I wish someone with a very tall ladder would come over here and decorate that tree.  I always think it would look fantastic with lights on it!  Eric?  Are you reading this?  Wait, who am I kidding – I put up the lights.  Dang it!
DSCN1294We went to town this morning so Eric could try to pull a fast one on the hockey equipment people and scam a pair of skates for our nephew Reed.  It didn’t work out.  Then we went and did some Christmas shopping and had lunch.  And finally, we went to the YMCA (cue the dance) and went swimming.  They really need to do something about the temperature of the water!  Don’t make me bring some band aids next time, Y! Wink  Anyway, once we arrived back at home – you know what had to happen IMMEDIATELY.  Playing in the snow!
And for those who know Avery well, I bet you can guess how she reacted to it all.DSCN1295Yep, not a fan.  Not a fan of cold.  Not a fan of the puffy get up, not a fan of mittens, not a fan of boots.  Hated our wonky sled.  Yep, pretty much hated it all. 
I’m sure she’ll warm up to it. Wink Hey, at least she looked cute!DSC_2360DSC_2364DSC_2365DSC_2369 Ahhh, much better! See them building snowmen in the background?  She was perfectly happy to watch from inside.DSC_2373 Yeah, so what – picture is taken thru the window!  The wind was way too cold!DSC_2381 Finished product!  A smaller, more creepy snowman was also built, but it was too dark to photograph him when he was completed.  Maybe tomorrow.  There – gives you something to look forward to!DSC_2383    Well, time to go be lazy!  Later!

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