Sunday, November 7, 2010


Who had a good weekend?!  Anyone, anyone?  We did!  The weather was fab (little windy for my taste on Saturday, but what are ya gonna do?) and the company was good!  On Saturday I realized we were out of baked goods (the HORROR!), so I whipped up some Kodiak Cake Bear Country CookiesDSC_2215 Dark chocolate AND oatmeal – these HAVE to be good, right?DSC_2216

Wholesome ingredients – check! DSC_2217

And here they are!  They were AWESOME.  Totally remind me of “Tricia’s Famous Cookies” (Wink) only BETTER!  Or healthier, anyway.   DSC_2218

Seriously, if you see this mix – definitely pick some up.  They are GOOD. DSC_2219

They brought out the cookie monster in me for sure!  Someone hold me back! DSC_2221

There was a request to see Dylan and Avery’s candy loot from Halloween.  I had to dump all the candy from their candy buckets to put away the Halloween crap, so it all got dumped into this GINORMOUS bowl.  Seriously – WHAT are we going to do with all this?!  The kids seem to have forgotten about it.  Eric has been slowly pecking away at it.  And me?  Not interested!   DSC_2222

When can I expect you, Susan?  Or would you like this mailed to you? DSC_2224Its

clearly time to move on, am I right?  Next holiday please!  Avery’s pumpkin tried to eat it’s own head!  Next!   
DSC_2226Time for Christmas!  Ha!  Ok, so I’m just trying to spare my poor little fingers from frostbite.  Who’s with me here?!  This is the SMART thing to do!  It was 55 degrees today.  If you didn’t put up your lights, you’re a fool!  Because by next week it could be snowing.  Seriously, I’m smart.  Tongue out
  Eric was busy getting the pontoon (and all the stuff it stores) all tarped up for before the aforementioned snow turns up.  Its coming people!  Be ready!DSC_2227

While were were outside doing all these SMART things, we could hear gunfire in the distance.  Deer hunting started this weekend and the deer are plentiful around here.  So here’s Dylan being a deer hiding behind a tree from hunters.  He’s a buck – see his antlers there?  DSC_2228 DSC_2229

Anyone want to move here?  There are no weeds!  Come on!  Someone has to know someone who wants a lake place UP NORTH!  Tell your friends. DSC_2234How NICE of this deer to put away Dylan’s trucks! DSC_2235

Yeah, there was an incident.  Avery took a digger while trying to keep up with her brother and dad.  Poor baby! DSC_2239

Ooooooooooooooh.  Purdy. DSC_2241

And finally, another reason why we rule.  Eric put the hockey rink together today.   DSC_2242

Now all we have to do is wait for it to stay consistently cold and the ice will go in!   DSC_2246

My favorite tiny supervisor.  She kept handing Eric the screws.   DSC_2247And she kept trying to eat lady bugs. DSC_2248

  And she was always looking cute – even with a cut that would NOT stop bleeding!DSC_2249And

she gets moody with her brother. Open-mouthed DSC_2250

DSC_2251The foreman doing his part.   DSC_2254


Well, that’s it for now!  By the way, its night time now, so it’s too late for YOU to go put up your lights and your ice rink.  But maybe you could still do it tomorrow??? Just a suggestion. Wink

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  1. Looks like the Wikoffs had a nice\productive day!! D is a sweet little dear!! and A is a cute little brutus!!! Tried to get your Dad interested in putting up Xmas lights, but he said "not b\4 Thanksgiving!!" think he just enjoys complaining when it's cold!!