Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!



The boys got back from Crookston around noon today and we immediately got to work on putting things away outside.  There had to be one last dip in the hot tub though before it had to be drained for the year. 
DSCN1292I decided not to go in….didn’t want to have to blow dry my hair twice in day.  Once is enough for me!

DSCN1287Then it was time for Eric to dispose of the muskrat mound that appeared while he was gone.  This thing seriously went up in less than 12 hours.  Cuz it wasn’t there when I went to bed Friday night!  DSC_2007 Eric walks on water, you know.  That or he’s crazy lake boy.  Super frigid water is no match for lake boy!  DSC_2008 Just roll up your pants and walk right in!  Yes, our dock is submerged.  Hoping that the water goes down before the lake freezes or the dock might REALLY be toast.  We leave it in because its not exactly moveable at this point.  We took it out our first year here and it nearly tore it apart.  Lesson learned.  Dock must stay in lake.  DSC_2010 Then it was time for more leaf disposal.  Dead plants also had to be removed.  Sigh.DSC_2022 Tiny helper!DSC_2024 And finally, it was trick or treat time!  Woohoo!!!!  The shark and butterfly hit the streets of Brainerd.DSC_2026 People LOVED Avery’s costume (Dylan’s too).  She was SO cute and actually wore the hood!  Woohoo!  Mommy wins!DSC_2029 She was a natural trick or treater right from the start.  She grabbed her bucket and she was off!DSC_2030 It took a few houses before Dylan would say “trick or treat.”  He’s usually pretty shy at first in most situations – this situation was no different.DSC_2041 Not Avery though – she elbowed her way to the front! Give me candy!  We ate pizza at a pizza place in Brainerd before we went out trick or treating and Avery scored a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup there.  They kids don’t normally eat a lot of candy – especially Avery since she’s still so little.  Anyway, she LOVED the peanut butter cup – so her eyes would light up whenever a peanut butter cup would get tossed into her pumpkin.  DSC_2042 She was movin’ so fast from house to house.  She couldn’t wait to walk up and say “TREEEEEEEEAT!”  DSC_2045DSC_2050 Charlie Brown himself was missing this year!  I don’t know if someone ripped it off or what!  I drove by this house last week and they didn’t have the display up yet.  Perhaps there are some bad folk in the Brainerd that would mess with Chuck Brown?  Thats just WRONG!  Kids wouldn’t cooperate for a pic in front of it.  Deal with it.DSC_2059 There were LOTS of houses decked out like this.DSC_2065 Avery was always in a trance when we’d come upon a house like this.

DSC_2066DSC_2075DSC_2079DSC_2082 After it got dark, Avery INSISTED on holding Dylan’s hand.  They were SO cute!  DSC_2087DSC_2089 Seriously – SO CUTE!!!DSC_2100 This was our final block before we went back home.  Avery was STILL wanting to run to each house.  She was just so excited!DSC_2102DSC_2103DSC_2105 This house had a scary, noisy skeleton thing that Dylan wasn’t a fan of.  Avery thought it was pretty neat though!DSC_2109DSC_2110DSC_2111DSC_2112 I love how she’s reaching for his hand here!  Don’t let go of my hand, brother!DSC_2113 And, ladies and gentlemen, the final house of the evening.DSC_2115 Well, it was a super fun Halloween!  What on EARTH are we going to do with all this candy, though?  We had to make several dumps in the car in between neighborhoods because their buckets were getting too full.  Seriously – can we donate it?  LOL!  G’night!


  1. Yup!! what to do with all the candy is always a problem!!! Was so cute seeing them holding hands, like Nattie and Daniel do so often!! XXX

  2. You actually can donate your candy to the troops, etc!!