Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Better Together

  It’s finally happening – they are playing TOGETHER.  And they seem to LIKE it.  Avery’s constant need to hold her brother’s hand while trick or treating the other night made it clear that they are on their way to becoming best buddies.  Yesterday, they were playing in the playroom for quite awhile with no tears, no screaming, no one’s head getting bashed into something.  I just heard happy sounds.  FINALLY!  They were playing school when I came in to see why in the world it was so quiet in there (never a good sign, am I right?).  Avery was the student sitting in the desk and Dylan was teaching her the ABC’s.  Of course, once I came in with the camera, they had to pose for me and school was out for the day.  Oh well, got some cute pictures out of the deal.  DSC_2116

Personal fav!  Lately, Avery has been dressing herself up while they are playing.  She puts on a bib, a hat, a string of beads and sometimes my shoes.  Maybe she IS becoming a girl?!  Please God, let this be true!!!DSC_2117

Could they BE any CUTER?!?! DSC_2118

Does she look like me here?  With her Dad’s jaw line, of course. DSC_2119

Whacky brother and sister! DSC_2120

Dinner last night was fab.  As usual.  Tongue out  I picked up some yams at the Co-op because they are one of the only veggies Avery will willingly eat without some form of trickery.  These are baked for almost an hour in little disc shapes (1/4 inch thick) – flipped a few times.  They are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside – DELICIOUS. DSC_2122

And then I melted coconut butter and drizzled it on top.  OH BABY.  A delicious combo, they were!    DSC_2123We also

  had that chicken from Cooking Light that I made not too long ago.  


Very satisfying dinner, I must say.  Avery, as predicted, only ate her yams and avoided the meat.  Dylan was refusing to eat ANYTHING at ALL until I broke out the “timer” threat.  This was a means to get my brother and I to eat when we were kids.  My mom would set the timer for a certain amount of time and if we didn’t eat our food before the timer went off, then we wouldn’t get cereal before bed.  LOL!  Yeah, that was a BIG threat for us.  I don’t know how we got into the habit of having cereal for bed - but I think I know who was to blame, DAD!  Anyway, I told Dylan that he had 5 minutes to eat his food or he would have to go to bed.  I set the timer and 5 minutes later – he only had a few bites left so he got an extension of 3 minutes.  He thought it was hilarious to try to beat the clock!  Woohoo!  I WIN!  He ate ALL of this food!  Awesome. 


Well, speaking of Dylan, he should be up any second so I better wrap this up.  Later!


  1. Isn't it great when all is calm? You actually get to relax. However, all things are cyclical, be prepared for a change. (Hopefully in a few months for you though). Once again - this food looks yummy!

  2. I wonder if it was Dylan's absences over the wknd that turned the tide for the little buddies!!?? Whatever, it was fun to see them having fun together!! and BTW I WANT the 2nd pix enlarged to an 8x10 for my book shelf!! XXX MOM
    and Renae, if you look at this again--would also like a similar one of Nattie and Daniel!!

  3. This is great. I love the brother and sister bonding!!! Such sweet pictures. Thanks for the info on the sweet potato disks. Will have to try those.

  4. The eating cereal thing before bed probably started w/Grandma--she would often have cereal, or cookies, or tea and crackers. I didn't realize your Dad had the habit...