Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mission Incomplete

  Today’s mission – get some pictures of the kids smiling TOGETHER out in the leaves.  Not an easy task, but I knew that going into it.  We warmed up with some individual shots.  DSC_1027This is funny cuz I think I have a picture of Dylan peeking thru the steps of the swingset that looks JUST like this. DSC_1033What is Milly DOING up there, Avery? DSC_1039

Looking for mice – duh!  (or hiding from the neighbor’s dog, whatever) DSC_1042

He is hamming it up for me juusssst a tad.   DSC_1047

Here they are thinking, “Awww man, I wish she would just give it up already!” DSC_1059G

etting warmer… DSC_1067

Damn it Dylan!  Look at me! DSC_1069

As close to a BINGO as I got.  Dylan’s head is cut off because I wasn’t looking in the viewfinder.  I was TRYING to get them to both look and smile at the same time.  Seriously – this is impossible.   DSC_1070 DSC_1077

So I put them to work instead.  If you aren’t going to humor me, then you must work!  Work work work! DSC_1078We stopped to make Ginger Cookies.  They are just okay.  Perhaps its because I’m not THAT into Ginger Cookies.  I know someone who is coming tomorrow that will eat them tho. Wink DSC_1083 DSC_1086

Then Eric all of a sudden appeared on the lawnmower and ruined the picturesque backdrop I was working with.  That and he disturbed the peace.  Both with his lawnmower and… DSC_1100


ventually he got his turn.   DSC_1105

She’s so nice - gives her brother a turn and doesn’t even have a freak out. DSC_1115Instead, she takes the opportunity to ham it up as well. DSC_1116

You don’t have to charm me, Avos.  I am already at your beck and call. DSC_1124

I was trying to get her to throw the leaves up in the air, but she wasn’t quite grasping it.  She sure did grasp the leaves tho!  She gave those leaves the bidness! DSC_1135 Well that is all for today.  We have visitors arriving tomorrow.  Grandma Puppy is coming to provide reinforcements while Eric is away next week for work.  Grandpa Puppy is coming too but only to drop her off.  Dylan is pretty excited because I told him that today is Grandma’s birthday.  He asked when her party was and I said, “Well, she’s not having a party.”  “No party?!?!”  Guess we’re having a party tomorrow night for Grandma!  (She was already getting special chili and cake, but now its a full fledged party I guess!)  So, see ya tomorrow for the partay!

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  1. Oh yay!! a par-tay for meeeee!!! I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!