Monday, September 27, 2010

The easy route


















I decided to take the easy route tonight.  Both with this post and with dinner.  I don’t really have much to tell you about today (so its gonna be easy to recap!) and sometimes I really don’t feel like dealing with dinnertime drama (hence, an easy meal).  Today was full of the same old – school, errands, cleaning, and watching Eric put up the LAST of the siding!  That’s really the only interesting tidbit about today.  And no, I didn’t take a picture of the finished product yet.  I have plans to spruce up the entry area, so it will have to wait! Open-mouthed


Dinner was an old Wikoff Family favorite!  This is practically a delicacy of Grandma Kim’s.  And one of her son’s favorites.  AND (and this is big) BOTH children actually eat this without complaining.  Truth be told though – Dylan declares that he doesn’t like Taco Hot Dish every time we have it, but then eats it just fine.  Eye-rolling  So behold – the Taco Hot Dish.  (I know – don’t you love it’s Minnesotan name?  Hot Dish is totallllly Minnesotan speak.  I’d know – I’m from South Dakota.  There’s a difference.)


What you need:

-a tube of crescent dough
-1 pound lean ground beef or lean ground turkey
-a package of taco seasoning, or if you are wanting to control your amt of sodium – use 1 tsp (or more) of cumin, 1 tsp chili powder, 1 tsp onion powder, 1 tsp garlic powder

-refried beans of some sort – I like black beans
-sour cream (8 ounce container is fine; can use light sour cream)
-shredded cheese
-diced olives (optional)

-salsa (optional)

-diced tomatoes (optional)

-shredded lettuce (optional)

-guacamole (optional)
-crushed taco chips (optional)
First, press your crescent dough into a glass dish and bake according to directions. 

DSC_0960Brown up your beef or turkey. (ditch the grease cuz that’s gross)

  Add spices.DSC_0961  Next, drop a dollop of sour cream in.  Grandma Kim does an entire 8 ounce container, and while that’s very good tasting – not so good on the old waistline!  So I usually only do a big spoonful or two.  DSC_0963Mix in the olives (unless you don’t want olives, then don’t). DSC_0964Oh!  Your crescent rolls are done!   DSC_0966Spread the refried beans on top of the crescent rolls. DSC_0967Then put the meat, sour cream and olive mixture on top of that. DSC_0968Top with some cheese (however much you want, really). DSC_0969Bake for 12 minutes (at the temp you already had it at) and then turn the broil on for a couple of minutes to brown up the top. DSC_0970

Then all that’s left to do is put on your toppings – salsa, guac, chips, etc.  DSC_0971Tasty, tasty!   DSC_0972Yeah, like I really only had two slices!  Ha!   DSC_0973 Well, that’s all for now.  Chuck is on tonight, so I’ve got a hot date with my husband!  See ya tomorrow!

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  1. Hey, "hot dish" was a SD and Nd phrase as well, but your Grma Pat must have had an aversion to it as well, as we would call it guck!!! soooo much better!!! ;) XXX MOM