Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Eau de Avery

  Ahhh, we meet again.  Today I was flying solo as Eric went into Minneapolis to tend to some work bidness.  I suppose I can now let the cat out of the bag (cats don’t like confined spaces, you know) that Eric took a new job.  He works for a company called Willis doing the same thing he did at Aon.  So, there ya have it.  That’s the big news!  I’m not sure I even hinted about this big news!  Look at me – I totally kept a secret from you all!  HA!  Ok, so it wasn’t really a secret among family but I’m sure we have a few non-family readers, right?  Right?  Right. 

So we had to keep busy while he was gone.  Dylan has been jibber jabbering about painting rocks ever since our most recent trip to Loon Lodge.  He was supposed to do this messy project with his grandma (thanks A LOT Mom!) but they forgot about doing it.  So finally he got his wish.  Today we painted rocks.  First we had to go out and find a rock or two to paint.  Look at all the leaves!  SIGH!!!  And isn’t that a fabulous pine tree there?  Imagine it all dressed up at Christmas time!  This could all be yours for the very low, low price of (see our realtor)!  DSC_0976  Here are the lucky, lucky rocks.DSC_0983 DSC_0985

He has been requesting that we use THIS CUP for painting.  I was tidying up the guest room recently and came across my craft box.  I was busy weeding it out while the kids were busy dragging it all out.  I tried to throw this cup away but Dylan INSISTED we keep it.  This cup comes to us from college!  Those were the days.  I’m pretty sure I know someone with a matching cup!  Probably used for the same purpose!  Oh wait…I’m probably the only hoarder.  Nevermind Ann!  Sorry to accuse you! WinkDSC_0988

While he worked on that, I worked on this.  This is the Pumpkin Pie Monster from Angela at Oh She Glows.  Please excuse the poor lighting.  Not my fault it was all cloudy!DSC_0991

That’s better lighting.  I added some of this morning’s coffee too it.  Don’t know that I’d do that again.  I also didn’t have the blackstrap molasses she calls for.  But I will on Thursday! Wink  I have no idea what I’d do without the Brainerd Co-Op!  They have it all!  Very delicious snack tho!  Loved it even without the proper ingredients.  And once I have the right stuff, I just know its going to ROCK! DSC_0992

Awwww, you know who else ROCKS?  Avos.  This afternoon, Dylan had taken off on me over to Lingy’s (any chance he gets, he escapes over to their house) so it was just me and the Avos.  She had just gotten up from her nap and she smelled so good.  I just wish I could bottle up Eau de Avery.  Its so purdy.  Red heartDSC_0995 DSC_0997 DSC_0998Yes, you ARE the Silly Sister. DSC_0999 DSC_1002 Dinner this evening was a few different reruns.  Had to clean out the fridge to make way for new things! 

Well, since Eric is gone and the tv is all mine – I’m outta here! 

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  1. Rocks!! several times I've lamented that I didn't get the kids to do itttt!! only I would have had them paint the ones along the road---outside!! ;)
    We bought a frog stepping stone in cement yesterday and I said I needed dylan and Nattie to paint him!!
    I should like to sample a pumpkin pie monster when I'm there!!
    And I can't wait to sniff the Avoes!!! XXXXX