Friday, August 27, 2010

Savoring Summer

  The days of summer are numbered, I’m afraid (I hate to tell you this – but there are some trees across the bay that are either very confused or I’m in denial cuz there are yellow, orange and red leaves visible).  So we made the most of it today at Loon Lodge.  Dylan really has come a long way with his swimming since the beginning of summer.  He used to have his arms wrapped around our necks so tightly and would shriek if we tried to get him to swim on his own.  Now look at him!  Practically a professional!DSC_9881

We learned today that White Earth Lake (the lake that Loon Lodge is on) is tied with Bad Medicine Lake for being the clearest lakes in Minnesota.  I can attest to this! Its pretty clear! (my toes are included for you, Lulu!) DSC_9882 I like to capture his eyelashes.  On film.  Digital film.  DSC_9885 DSC_9889 DSC_9890 DSC_9894 DSC_9897

For some reason, Grandpa has this super awesome press on tattoo that he got at work the other day (he works at the dollar store, now, you know. Wink).  Dylan has requested that he bring more back next weekend.  Both he and Avery were quite enamored with the shark tattoo.  I think its kinda scary myself, but what do I know? DSC_9903 DSC_9904 DSC_9905

She’s looking down to see where her tattoo is.  You didn’t get one Avery.  Grandpa’s salary at the dollar store is low and he can’t afford one for everyone. DSC_9907 DSC_9908 DSC_9909

I couldn’t believe how high Eric was able to toss him!  They had been doing this earlier in the day (my camera battery was charging then, as usual) so Dylan just had to do it again so I could get his picture.  I think they turned out awesome!  I love his little ripped arms -Mr. Wikoff’s arms look pretty awesome too!DSC_9911 DSC_9912 DSC_9913 DSC_9918 DSC_9919

  And finally, a little photo shoot with me.  This rarely happens, so savor it. SmileDSC_9920 DSC_9922 DSC_9926 DSC_9928

Here she is, Miss America. DSC_9929

DSC_9932 That is it for now from Loon Lodge!  We’ll have more from here tomorrow.  Try not to get too excited!

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