Friday, July 2, 2010


Well, it was my 31st birthday yesterday.  Started it out with my favorite way to start the day – a tough workout.  And then moved on to a delicious breakfast of overnight oats and cherry bomb banana soft serve.  Things were clicking right along.  Then Brutus got up.  Dun dun dun!  LOL.   She gave me a special edition of a temper tantrum complete with laying on the floor face down kicking her legs.  All because her mean old mother wouldn’t let her play with the garbage can!  How mean am I?!  Then it was time to pack up all our stuff (always a production)  so we could head to White Earth Lake to celebrate my birthday at my parents cabin before heading up to Maple Lake for the weekend.  Lots of lakes in our lives, I know.  So anyway, packing up the stuff is always kinda tricky, but imagine doing it with NO gate on your stairs to keep your little climber from falling to her early and untimely death!  Luckily, her dad is very crafty and put up a makeshift gate made of a crib mattress and a clamp of some sort.  Clearly, its only temporary.  I need a crib mattress on my steps about as bad as I need a hole in my head.   So I got everything packed up and we were off!  Here are some pics we captured to remember this lovely, glorious day – MY birthday! : )

Oh, what did I get?!  Wait for it…..wait for it……DSC_8500

Some fancy Rubbermaid storage boxes!  Oh dear me!  BEST birthday present EVER!  LOL DSC_8502

And here we’ve arrived at White Earth Lake.  Pictured here is my niece Natalie and my brother Jon.  The first picture I took of him was not appropriate for posting here.  There was a little bird in the picture that was not supposed to be there.  DSC_8517

Eric, Dylan and Natalie on a little kayak  ride.  Is that how you spell kayak?  It looks funny.  Anyway, moving on.  DSC_8523

Avery spent quite awhile on Gma’s lap enjoying the water from a safer distance.  She originally started out in her own floatie, but decided she did not like it.  We thought she might lay her head down and go to sleep b/c she skipped her afternoon nap – but no such luck.  DSC_8526

Dang!  I thought I had captured Nat’s “swimming face” but I guess I missed it!  Its gooooooood. DSC_8534

Jumping off the dock over and over again.  She would get a running start from the end of the dock and then come to a screeching halt when she approached the edge.  Which, probably was good cuz that would be scary having to catch a leaping child!   DSC_8537

31st birthday photo shoot.  Eric is my photographer and I’m never very happy with his work.  There were a few, um, “questionable” shots.  *rolls eyes*


My hubby and my baby! DSC_8558

Cake time!!!  Natalie helped Grandma make it, so she was really excited when it was time to dig into it.  Not that she wouldn’t have been excited regardless, but still.DSC_8572


Beauty shot of the cake.  Its called Hummingbird Cake and it was DELICIOUS!  Can’t wait to dig into another piece as my midmorning snack! DSC_8576 DSC_8577

After cake, we were off to Maple Lake (45 minutes from White Earth Lake, so not too bad of a drive!).  We arrived to find U.B. Pimpin’ (the name of our boat) in distress!  Grandpa was walking out to the garage with a crazed look in his eye, so we knew something was up.  We got out to the dock to find this: DSC_8580

Only it was MUCH more full of water before I got my camera.  Had Gpa Danny not noticed that she was sinking (high waves got her), she would have been resting at the bottom of Maple Lake and we would have been attending a funeral today.  I gotta admit that writing a eulogy for her would have been fun tho!  LOL!  DSC_8585

They were able to save her though.  You can all relax now.

And finally, a picture of my little princess.  Despite her little temper tantrum earlier in the day, she really is a little sweetheart.  ; ) DSC_8591

Well, that’s it for now.  I better end this and make sure that Avo isn’t eating random crap off the floor.  Ya never know…

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