Sunday, June 27, 2010

How cute are these?!

I'll take advantage of the lame-ness of blogspot and post only a couple pics in this post. We drove home from Aberdeen today (its a glorious 4.5 hour drive) and I have always wanted to stop at this berry farm that we pass. Its called Holmes City Berries. Anywho, we decided to stop today and I'm so glad we did! We got the world's cutest fresh, organic strawberries! I just want to eat them all! Ha! And I plan to! The possibilities are endless here people. I'm wishing it was tomorrow morning cuz I'm having overnight oats with strawberries! OH yeah! Ok, back to the berry farm. I'm bummed b/c when we got there, they asked us if we wanted to pick our own or just buy some that they had already picked. We decided to just buy some and be on our way so we could get back home. So we buy our little box of strawberries and head to the car. Well, Brutus (Avery), had a different plan for us and just wandered off towards the fields. So we thought we'd let her wander for a bit. Then a tractor pulled up and you know Dylan can't resist a good tractor ride! So I figured that since we were heading down there anyway, that we should pick some! So we grabbed a bucket and hopped a ride on the tractor. The reason I was bummed? I didn't have my camera with! It was an impromtu berry picking! How was I to know we were gonna pick berries?!? So we got to the field and headed out to our own special row to pick from. D was my assistant and Avery did more wandering with Eric. I think Dylan ate more than he picked. By the time I had filled the bucket up (which took awhile I think!) he was just covered in strawberry juice. His lips were strawberry pink! He kept yelling out stuff while he was picking and amusing the other pickers. "Oh MOM! This one is reeeealllly juicy!" "Oh! This one's not ready!" "Oooooh, here's a good one!" He thought it was really fun though and already wants to stop there again sometime. I do too - these strawberries are AMAZING! Even Eric ate some - that says a lot. ; )
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