Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cookie Time

I was working out this morning and was joined by Dylan at 5:45am.  He was whining and immediately asked me what I did with his cookies.   I said to him while puffing through my final sets of leg lifts, “We don’t have any cookies, what are you talking about?”  His response was, “Yes, we do have cookies.  I saw you put them in the oven!”  He must have been having a dream about cookies.  Finally we got on the same page and he demanded that since we didn’t have cookies, that we were going to make some later on.  I told him that we didn’t have chocolate chips and he said, “Thats okay!  We’re making peanut butter kiss cookies!”  Ohhhhhkay.  So here are some pics of him making his cookies. 


See the spelling lesson laying there next to the cookie sheet?  Eric came down and wrote that out with a permanent marker, which bled through onto the countertop.  Grrrrrrrrrrrr


He was happy to have his own job in the production line!


It smelled like Christmas time in here!  Christmas in June!


And here is my latest treat obsession.  I got these from Glo Bakery and they are AMAZING!  Chewy, soft and delicious!  And the best part – I had one at 6:15 am and wasn’t hungry again until 11am.  That is UNHEARD of for me since I normally eat every 2 hours or so.  These rock! DSC_8471     

Thats all for now!  Thanks to my friend Krystyn, I found a new blog platform dealibob and it is MUCH easier to use than stupid old Blogger!  Thank you Krystyn!!!!  So hopefully this means you’ll hear more from me.


  1. very cute pix of D!! and enjoyed the text----also interesting other pix!!

  2. I love those kind of cookies - good pick D. Yes, your blog has been neglected... even more than mine (that's hard to believe too)