Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Here’s the predicament


HOW do I stop her from going up the stairs????  That cushion (we’d stack two of them on the stairs vertically) you see there used to be our solution until she got too smart for us and just started pulling them down off the stairs.  Now its there as a bumper in case she falls when we don’t know about the breech in security.  A gate won’t work because of the set up of our stairs.  Does anyone have any ideas on what to try next?  I can’t do anything now that we don’t have a stair barrier!  I literally can’t take my eyes off of her now or she is right up the stairs.  Which means no bathroom breaks, no snacks, etc.  Seriously – someone must have an idea!  Please?!


She thinks she’s SO big and is trying to learn how to go up and down WALKING, not crawling.


And if when you take her down and try to redirect her attention onto something else – no such luck.  She either starts screaming or laughs and walks back to the stairs.  Help!

DSC_8487  Good thing the cushion was there Av-o!

DSC_8490 DSC_8493


Send comments and suggestions my way please!!!


  1. Get this gate:
    and put one end of it behind your couch and another some how "bolted" to the wall. You guys could step over it (D may be out of luck and you could just move it at night. That's my only suggestion.

  2. Jaden is doing the same thing. I wouldn't mind so much if he would go on his knees, but he insists on walking!!

    You could make a temporary 'wall' on the side of your stairs and then be able to put up a gate?? One of your dad's is pretty handy, right? You could put up 2x4's parallel to the wall (kind of resembling a railing) to essentially create something for the gate to mount to there?? This would mean securing the 2x4 to the stairs and making a permenant hole most likely...not sure if you are pumped about that. Let me know if you have no idea what I mean and I will draw you a picture!!

    Also, Happy Birthday!