Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer is in full swing!

Ahhhh, only the 9th day of summer (for us anyway - that first month didn't count as it was like April all over again here) and we've had such a good time.  The kids and I went to the strawberry patch near our house the other day.  We went to one last summer and Dylan really enjoyed it so he was pretty excited to go again.  Wasn't sure how Avery was going to do, but there was only one way to find out!

DSC 7960

It was a slow start.  Dylan had to sample the product before he could get serious about picking.  Avery had to take it all in.

DSC 7962DSC 7965

Like her brother, she did more sampling than picking.

DSC 7967DSC 7968

Finally, I had picked enough to fill two cartons (they didn't do as much picking as I had hoped they would!) and asked them to pose for a picture.

DSC 7972

Avery was mid taste and took her strawberry out of her mouth to showcase it.  Perfect!

DSC 7973

Back at home in the BLOB.  We sure are loving the BLOB.  It gets pretty hot up on our patio (aka, our second living room) so its nice to sit in our adirondaks and get super hot and then jump in the pool.  We've really been enjoying it.

DSC 7976

Here they are taunting their daddy who is upstairs working.  HA HA DADDY!!!!  We're in the pool and you're working!!!

DSC 7983DSC 7984

They both do pretty well in the pool.  Dylan is working on floating and he loves to swim underwater.  Avery is doing pretty well at walking around and when she goes under, she pops right back up.  She still needs constant supervision of course.

DSC 7986DSC 7988

Here they are playing in our second living room.  Dylan was playing cars and Avos was taking pictures of me.

DSC 8002

And I was taking pictures of her!

DSC 8003DSC 8004DSC 8005DSC 8006DSC 8008

She was in a real "picture-y" mood so I took advantage.

DSC 8012DSC 8013DSC 8014DSC 8020DSC 8030

D had to come over and get his picture taken too.

DSC 8033

Here I bribed them with ice cream to get them to pose with me.  SUCKERS!

DSC 8035

Last night we went on a boat ride as it was hot, sunny and there was just a light breeze on the lake.  PERFECT conditions for a cruise on Pontunia.

DSC 8036DSC 8040

And perfect conditions for a dip too!  The water was nice and warm!

DSC 8045DSC 8046DSC 8047DSC 8048

Our neighbors Lingy and the Winercheskies cruised by and we hooked up together and dropped the anchor.

DSC 8049

More swimming occurred.

DSC 8054DSC 8056

Eric has been wearing Dylan's hat lately to keep the horseflies from landing on his head.  We all especially love it when he pairs the hat with his skin tight camouflage waders.  Its a goooooood look.

DSC 8060

It was a lovely evening until we learned the hard way that we shouldn't bring our cell phones on the boat anymore.  The kids were tossing ice cubes into the lake one by one out of our soft sided cooler.  Dylan got sick of tossing them in one by one and decided to dump all the ice cubes out at once by holding the cooler upside down.  Guess what was in the side pocket of the cooler!?!?!  Eric's blackberry.  UH OH!  500 dollar mistake and lesson learned!  He had a new one coming from Ebay, but its still no fun! : (  So if you need to reach him, please email!

Another fabulous day is on tap!  : )



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