Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July Weekend

Well I'm back from the long weekend and armed with a gazillion pictures, as usual.  Had to really pick and choose to tone it down a bit and ease the uploading process.

We went up to Loon Lodge (my parents cabin on White Earth Lake) first.  It was my 32nd birthday on the 1st, so clearly I was queen for the day.  The kids and Eric washed my car for me.  So thoughtful!

DSC 7693

We really lucked out on weather b/c there really was only ONE moment of crappiness.  And this wasn't it.  Here's Avos and Gpa Tom on the kayak.

DSC 7695

And then Dylan and Gpa on the kayak.

DSC 7712

As usual, I made them pose with me for pictures.  Special birthday edition this time.

DSC 7719

Avery was too busy for pictures with me.

DSC 7720DSC 7722DSC 7727


See - too busy!

DSC 7734

We had dock lunch which is just like old times.  We did this a lot when I was a kid over at my grandparents cabin (5 houses down from my parents cabin).

DSC 7740DSC 7741


And then it was time for Fun Island!

DSC 7744DSC 7745DSC 7754

29!  Woohoo! ; )

DSC 7759DSC 7779

Yearly photo of Eric tossing Dylan in the air.  We wondered how long Eric can keep this momentum going.

DSC 7796

And then we did a birthday pontoon cruise complete with fun accessories.  Here is my niece Natalie looking very stylish.

DSC 7802

Avery's accessory was yogurt.  No surprise there.


ADSC 7810DSC 7814DSC 7816

Present time!  Complete with typical Eric wrapping (beach towel and Fleet Farm bag).

DSC 7820

A lifejacket!?!  Get outta town!

DSC 7824

Looks sharp!

DSC 7828

Can't wait to put that baby on diaper style and float in the lake (the sole purpose of me having a lifejacket - for real).  The moment of weather crappiness occurred after this photo was taken and cut the boat ride short.

DSC 7831

Back in the cabin having a little sword fight.

DSC 7840

Sword fight buzzkill!  Taco Jon put the K-bosh on the noise the swords made.  Booooooooo

DSC 7842

Off to the Lodge for Mexican Night!

DSC 7850

And then we moved onto Gma and Gpa Wikoff's at Maple Lake!  Avery was learning how to tan from Auntie Kelli.  So far so good!

DSC 7855

Reed and Dylan were having fun pretending to ski.  Really skiing - NO WAY!

DSC 7860

My bathing beauty!

DSC 7868


Two bathing beauties having a chat!  (with cousin Adelyn)

DSC 7870

As usual, Dylan got so tired that he fell asleep on the pontoon.  We figure he loses about 4 hours of sleep per night when at Gma and Gpa Wikoff's.   The aftermath ROCKS.

DSC 7883

Check out the size of that Coors Light!

DSC 7896

Our pretty baby swimming!

DSC 7916

Water boy swimming!

DSC 7917

Father/Daughter swim time.

DSC 7921

And finally, the cousins in the Pow Pow Power Wheels cars.  Always a good time!

DSC 7948

I didn't take any firework pictures this year.  They never turn out, so I figured that it wasn't worth lugging the camera along for.  I could have taken a picture of the ginormous mosquitos or the sleeping Dylan (yep, he fell asleep AGAIN on the boat), but oh well.  It was a good weekend though!  Good food and good times with the families - what more can you ask for!  We'll be doing it again in 8 days as we head up to Cass Lake for the annual family camping trip.  So look for a special Cass Lake Edition on the blog!


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