Sunday, June 26, 2011

"Summer" time fun

We were finally able to spend a day outside yesterday.  Looks like we'll be back inside today though. : (  At least we'll have the memory of yesterday!

The umbrella for the picnic table finally showed up (thanks for all your help Little Tikes - NOT!)

DSC 7566

They are constantly fighting over this decrepit old swing.  The only solution is to share time in it.  It doesn't always look very comfy to me!

DSC 7569DSC 7570DSC 7573

Daily Green Monster.  DELISH!

DSC 7577

I had promised the slip and slide but was unable to find it in the garage so the next best thing was using the hose sprayer as a sprinkler.

DSC 7583DSC 7588

This was awesome - he's telling her what they are going to do next - run thru the water stream together.

DSC 7591

She's like, "Oh yes, I can do that, Dylan."

DSC 7592

Off they go!

DSC 7593


DSC 7594

This is AWESOME!!!!

DSC 7595

Running back to do it again.

DSC 7597

She came over to tell me she was all wet.  Yes, I see that Avos.

DSC 7608DSC 7609DSC 7610

Water boy - always getting wet.

DSC 7612

Dylan told her to go relax on the chair and warm up.  So she did.  Pete Repeat!

DSC 7620

He stood there and watched the water for quite awhile with a puzzled, inquisitive look on his face.  He never seems to stop thinking and processing EVERYTHING.  "Mom, how does the water spread out like that?"

DSC 7625

And while he did that, she did this.  Always lookin' cute.

DSC 7631

Moving on to the next task.

DSC 7632

And then it was his turn to warm up and relax.

DSC 7637DSC 7644

He was pretty jazzed that I let him have a piece of gum and he wanted to show it off.

DSC 7646

Well, today we'll be locked back in the house as more rain moves in.  Yippy.  Skippy.  Can't believe next weekend is the 4th!  Summer is gonna be over before it ever arrives in MN!

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