Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cars 2

Well I braved it and took the kids to Cars 2 yesterday by myself.  Dylan was VERY excited and asked about a million times if it was time to go to the movie.  Avery just kept yelling, "Mooooovie!!!  Moooooovie!"  And was very confused when we left the house and didn't sit down on the ouch like she expected.

DSC 7558

We were trying to get her to smile.  She's so stubborn!

DSC 7560

So Dylan offered up a trick to get her to smile - a tummy tickle.  She ran away instead.

DSC 7561

And here they are waiting for the movie to start.  The seats folded up on them when they sat solo, so that was pretty funny.  Dylan was able to keep his down for the most part on his own, but Avery had to sit with me or with Dylan or she folded up like an accordion.

DSC 7564

Well, its safe to sat that this was Avery's first and last movie for awhile.  She sat for a little while, but for most of the movie, she walked around, went up and down the stairs, climbed in and out of the chairs (getting stuck and losing her shoes in the chair at one point) walking down the aisles saying "hi" to people, throwing her sippy cup, and stuffing her face with enough popcorn and Reeses Pieces to last her a week!  Dylan really enjoyed it though.  He's already started asking when its coming out on DVD.  This is kinda like when we are going somewhere and he asks when we are going to be there every 5 minutes.  Its gonna be a lonnnnnng wait for Cars 2 on DVD. ; )

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