Monday, June 20, 2011

Your Weekly Update

It's been awhile I know.  It was a somewhat busy week I guess.  Lingy's grandkids were here visiting all week, so my photo subjects were busy playing with Blake and Maya all week long.  I did take a few pictures of them all having a frisbee throwing contest.

DSC 7440

It entertained them for quite awhile until they got sick of it and decided to have a "lets see who can get their frisbee stuck in the tree" contest.  From an audience standpoint, the original contest was much more entertaining.  Just sayin'.

DSC 7441

Avery was in total agreement.  She thought both contests were lame!

DSC 7445

When I was looking thru these photos deciding what to include in this post, I came across something I have not seen in awhile and could barely even remember this happening!  THE SUN WAS OUT?!?!?!? WHAT?!  HERE?  SERIOUS?  Then I thought back and remembered that it was out for a couple hours one day this week.  That was it.  Couple hours.  Summer may never arrive this year.  Starting to wonder if packing away our boots and winter coats was necessary.  We'll need them shortly I'm sure.

DSC 7455

Anywho, it appears we made the most of it.

DSC 7457DSC 7460

The neighbors had peeps over this week so there was a lot of yard traffic.  They ruined my picture!  Oh well.  No one would look at me anyway.

DSC 7463

Eric was lookin' HAWT in his waders.  He was doing a little weed maintenance.  Its a losing battle he's fighting.

DSC 7466

My friend Liz came up this weekend from Minneapolis to visit.  Kind of a crappy weekend for a visit, but oh well.  I'm annoyed with Eric here for not taking a proper picture.  Heads or feet usually get cut off with him behind the camera.

DSC 7470

Off centered!  Holmes - I hate to point this out - but you really do need to find the No-Ad in 30 SPF.  60 is too much. ; )

DSC 7473

Awww!  Such a purdy face!

DSC 7476

And the kids gave Eric some lovely Father's Day presents.

DSC 7480DSC 7483

He got a dragonfly decorator item.

DSC 7488

And a loon clock.  He tried to take down MY clock and replace it with this one.  Didn't fly.

DSC 7489

Pontunia has been feeling sad lately because she thinks no one loves her anymore.  So we went for a chilly boat ride today - our THIRD trip of the year.  LAME, "summer", LAME.

DSC 7490DSC 7493

Here is that plant that I asked about awhile back that Dylan had brought home from school.  We were trying to figure out what the heck it was since Dylan couldn't remember.  Lingy says its a bean plant AND a pea plant.  ????  We shall see!

DSC 7496

Yellow blossoms!  Tomatoes are coming!

DSC 7511

Here's the boat ride - pre-jacket.

DSC 7513

It almost looks sunny here.  It was a farce.

DSC 7516DSC 7518

Wanted to get a nice Father's Day picture, but no luck!  Theres always gotta be at least one joker!

DSC 7524

Well, hope you all have sun where you are!  JERKS!  From the sounds of it, we won't see it again anytime soon.  Awesome!



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