Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend at Maple Lake

We were up at Grandma and Grandpa Wikoff's this past weekend so Eric could play in an old man hockey tournament.  The kids came for the Power Wheels, however.

DSC 7409

There was an unfortunate incident this weekend when once of the gears went out in the pickup.  It no longer goes in reverse and it often gets stuck with its wheels spinning requiring an adult to get up off their butt and get them un-stuck.  That's no fun!

DSC 7411

Dylan also got a new bike this weekend.  His McQueen bike was getting a little on the small side for him, so it was time for an upgrade.  It took a few minutes to him to get used to the bigger size, but he adapted quickly.

DSC 7416DSC 7422

He was pretty excited to show it off to everyone.

DSC 7425DSC 7426

Saturday was our only nice day.  Even Grandpa Danny jumped in! (I, for the record, did NOT.  It must be HOT for me to go in.  It was only pleasantly warm at best.)

DSC 7427

He's gonna be excited to make the blog.  And a diving picture, no less!

DSC 7428

He let out a girly scream.  See, too cold for Trishy.

DSC 7429

The kids didn't think it was too cold though.  I changed their clothes several times and eventually wised up and put their swimsuits on.

DSC 7431DSC 7432

They had a good time playing with cousin Easton.  He kept calling Dylan his "buddy."  And Avery kept calling Easton, "Addi."  Apparently she was missing her "buddy."

DSC 7434

That's it for pictures!  I dropped the ball on photo taking this weekend!  Grandma Kim got some funny pics of Avery eating her ice cream cone at the Dairy Queen, but I forgot to steal them off her memory card.  Just picture a very independent 2 year old covered in ice cream refusing any sort of help.  She ate the WHOLE THING by herself.  And then I had to hose her off in the DQ bathroom.  Good times!  No pictures of the old man playing hockey either.  Bummmmmmer.  Maybe next year! ; )


  1. Look at Dylan go! Great job D. Thanks for the reminder to buy a bike for Daniel.

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