Monday, June 6, 2011

Avery's 2nd Birthday Weekend

We had a pretty busy (but good) weekend!  Avery turned 2 on Friday, so we had her party on Saturday and all her peeps came.  And by peeps, I mean grandmas, grandpas, cousins, aunties, uncles - you get the idea.  On her actual birthday, we filled up what I will refer to from here on out as "THE BLOB."  Its our new pool that we bought for Avery for her birthday.

DSC 7079

The water in the THE BLOB was FREEEEEEZING!  We had hoped the sun would have warmed it up more, but the sun was absent as usual so it had not warmed up much from the the time we filled it.

DSC 7084

They were both shaking and shivering like crazy but yet I could NOT talk them into getting out.

DSC 7087

Finally, I had to bribe them with cookies to get them out.  Worked like a charm.

DSC 7088

Avery got a cute new dress from Jcrew from her Auntie Susan, so I made her put on a little fashion photo shoot.

DSC 7093

Not very ladylike Avos!

DSC 7094

Grandma and Grandpa H arrived with mini adirondak chairs for them.

DSC 7101

Avery giving Mux the business.  She decided she needed to come OUT.  Milly had other plans and just kept running back in once she was set down.  Whenever anyone comes to our house that used to know "Minneapolis Milly,"  they are always offended by Mux (who Milly changed into when the countryside hardened her) and her inability to show them the affection they were once shown.  They are always amazed to hear that she puts up with these kind of shenanigans judging by her attitude when guests are here.  Hey - what can I say - she only likes US.  The rest of you are enemies!  Trust no one!

DSC 7104

Okay, back on topic.  I wanted to get some pretty pictures of her holding a daisy, but she had other plans for that daisy.

DSC 7105DSC 7106

Noooooo!!!!! You're ruining it!!!!

DSC 7107DSC 7108DSC 7110DSC 7111

I missed the next picture by a split second.  It was her looking up at me with her mouth in a little "o" shape like, "ooooops."

DSC 7115

I also spent much of Friday in the kitchen making her birthday cake, cookies and some food for the party on Saturday.  As usual, she wrapped herself around my legs.  Only now that its FINALLY warm out, I had a dress on over my swimsuit that she found to be verrrrry fun.

DSC 7118

Sorry about the butt cheek shot, but she looks so cute here!

DSC 7119

And look at her little dress!  So cute!

DSC 7120DSC 7121

Grandma and Grandpa H brought a ginormous present that Dylan scoped out in the backseat of their car.  He got Avery all riled up and together they insisted that it be opened.

DSC 7123

Sweet!  More kid crap for our patio!

DSC 7126DSC 7129

Trying out the new table with some birthday cookies and ice cream!

DSC 7144

And here is Saturday morning - party day!

DSC 7155

Renae, Kelli and I went to hot yoga in Brainerd so we missed all this.  Eric took a ton of pictures of the kids playing on the beach.

DSC 7161DSC 7162DSC 7167DSC 7171DSC 7177

Grandma Tone Loc helped supervise.

DSC 7186DSC 7199DSC 7213

And finally it was warm enough for THE BLOB and the hot tub - which they hopped back and forth between.

DSC 7219

Birthday lunch on the new picnic table.  Totally came in handy.

DSC 7225

Party people!

DSC 7228


DSC 7230

More party people!

DSC 7233

Eric worked on raising up the dock.  His dad brought some tool that he thought might work.  It did!

DSC 7235DSC 7239DSC 7240

More party goers!

DSC 7242

Heres the birthday girl having a snack!

DSC 7255

Some more party goers!

DSC 7258

And then it was present time.  Never a shortage of help.

DSC 7262DSC 7270

Avery getting all blinged up for her birthday courtesy of Auntie Lulu (who was unable to attend).

DSC 7281DSC 7284DSC 7288

Here she is putting lipstick on her new teeny tiny baby.

DSC 7302

She looked so pretty!

DSC 7307

Her birthday cake that I slaved away on.  I think this is the last one I'm making.  Not only is the frosting a huge pain in the you know what, but there's too many people between our two families.  I think each person got a tiny piece and then it was gone.  No way I'm making TWO of these PITA cakes.  If you don't know what PITA means...figure it out.

DSC 7309

Didn't realize it until I looked at the pics, but her suit matches her cake!  Butterfly!

DSC 7311DSC 7316DSC 7318DSC 7321

Everyone else had finished their cake (or eaten as much as they wanted and left some - these kids are chronic food wasters!  Even cake!  Can you believe that!?!) and Avery was still at the table finishing hers.  Here she is eyeballing the plate of one of her chronic food wasting cousins.

DSC 7324

She said she was done and handed me her plate.

DSC 7328

And then demanded that I hand her the next plate.  I figured it was her birthday, so she got her wish.

DSC 7330DSC 7332

Everyone was cracking up at her stuffing her face.

DSC 7334

Then it was time for a pontoon ride on Pontunia and Avery had decided to hang back and skip the boat ride in favor of some solo time in the jump house.

DSC 7336

She was having an awesome time.

DSC 7337DSC 7340

Next thing I know, she jumps out of the jump house and tears towards the lake yelling, "Boat!  Boat!  Boat!"  She had to get dressed first though, so I had to chase her down and take her back to the house to get her dressed.  The boat captain said he'd loop back around to pick her up.  She saw them leaving and started yelling, "Leavin'!  Leavin'!  Leeeeeeeavvvvvvin!"  I think she had a pretty fun birthday though.  She was in fabulous mood all weekend thanks to a few long naps (which is a rarity lately for her).

DSC 7343

Then on Sunday it was another gorgeous day (we totally lucked out).

DSC 7346DSC 7349

Avery was pretty tired tho and kept laying down in the boat.

DSC 7350DSC 7354

She also gave me a little bit of attitude. Wouldn't be very Avery-ish if she didn't though!

DSC 7355

So anyway, good times had by all this weekend!  Thanks everyone for coming!!  Such a fun weekend with perfect weather, good company, fabulous food and lots of laughs! : )

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  1. Was a fun time!! and really good pix!! XXXX Gma Toni