Monday, July 11, 2011

Big Blob Hat

Our weekend started out with a visitor.  Eric's friend Chuck came up for the night on his way to Alexandria.  The kids were immediately his best buddies.

DSC 8062

Eric was pleased to have a stand in Daddy!

DSC 8066DSC 8073

The lake was SUPER warm this weekend.

DSC 8079

What?!  Trying to drown the stand in Daddy?!  Is that any way to treat a guest, Dylan?

DSC 8085

On Saturday, I purchased a new slip and slide after my Zumba class.  Dylan suffered a low blow earlier in the week when he learned that his old slip and slide had been thrown away at the end of last year.  So we upgraded to this one - double lanes even!

DSC 8087

Avery does more of an "army crawl" rather than a "slide."

DSC 8088DSC 8089DSC 8092DSC 8097

And since it was SO hot this weekend - we spent a lot of time in the blob.  Dylan came up with the idea of converting his floatie into a kayak and using the paddles for his water ball thingy as kayak paddles.  It was pretty much awesome.  So I had to give it a try.

DSC 8102

And this is the famous, "big blob hat."  I think he's referring to the big splash that the ball makes in the water?

DSC 8104

Anyway, he kept yelling at us to watch the "big blob hat!!!"

DSC 8106

I also made margaritas in the Vitamix yesterday.  FANTASTIC.  It makes PERFECT frozen margaritas.

DSC 8109DSC 8111

All in all, a good weekend at home!  We go camping at Cass Lake starting on Thursday.  Hoping for good weather and good times!


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