Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cass Lake 2011

Sorry for the delay on this post!  We got back from Cass and had a wedding to go to and then I went to Minneapolis to do the Warrior Dash (I'll post pics when they put them online - or at least post a link to pics).  So we're finally getting back to a normal schedule again now.  So - I give you - CASS LAKE 2011!

DSC 8115DSC 8121DSC 8135


DSC 8146

Another boozer.  We had to though.  The weather was skitzo!

DSC 8148

We totally planned this coordination. ; )

DSC 8154

Need your baby to nap?  Throw em in a bike cart and voila - NAP!

DSC 8160

Seriously - the weather was wacky.  It was the hottest week of the year in Minnesota and don't get me wrong - it was hot at Cass too, but there were strangely cool moments too.

DSC 8210

The babies were braver than the bigger kids when it came to tubing.  Perhaps they are too young to know better.  The older kids are just smarter.  Easton is included in that group.  He refused to tube!  Thatta boy!  Way to use your smarts!

DSC 8215

Not this one tho - she loves to tube!  And FAST too.

DSC 8265

We celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary on the 18th.  Had our usual morning mimosas - our tradition so far.

DSC 8323DSC 8326

And here we are standing in the spot we got married (roughly).  Its now covered in water as you can see.

DSC 8345

Dylan tried water skiing for the first time this year.

DSC 8363

Got up on his first try!

DSC 8369

Super Dylan!  I couldn't believe it.  Actually, yes I could.  He really is able to do a lot for a 4 year old I think.

DSC 8373DSC 8376

He only went down cuz he started to get nervous about going any further with the boat motor and the fast speed, etc.  I think by next year he'll be over that part of it and he'll be a skiing machine.  Much to my dismay as the nervous nelly mother.

DSC 8377

A gorgeous sunset that got me a few extra mosquito bites.  We all got more than a few this trip.  They were BAD this year.  The infamous SWIMMERS ITCH also made an appearance this year.  Previously, Eric had referred to it as a "myth" but it is a "myth" no more.  Cuz he got it, Dylan got it, Avery got it and a few others too.  There, it has now been documented here.  He'll still try to deny it I bet as I did not take a picture of their legs.  Tho, Avery's bumps are still visible so there is still time to provide proof!

DSC 8378

Cousin picture time!  Reed ducked down so he's not pictured.

DSC 8392

The first annual "Chase the Blues Away Margarita Party."  Everyone was kinda crabby that it kept raining and raining and raining that day.  It was 120 degrees with the heat index in Minneapolis this day, but we were wearing sweatshirts and pants.  It was seriously bizarre.  Especially since we too, were under the high heat index warning.  Never happened!  We're thinking this will be an annual party as the drinks were awesome!

DSC 8398

So awesome that some people double fisted.

DSC 8400

Messin' around at Cedar Island.  I was worried about my beverage!

DSC 8449

And finally, our yearly family photo at Cass Lake.  Another good one!

DSC 8467

That was well worth the wait, wasn't it?!


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