Thursday, March 3, 2011

South Padre Island Part 4

Good news!  Sissa didn't stand Dylan up again!  Woohoo!

DSC 5080

Guess what we did yesterday?!  We sat by the pool for several hours!  I know, crazy.

DSC 5090

And then we went to visit the turtles at Turtle Rescue Inc.  Its a turtle rescue hospital that takes in wounded sea turtles.  They either get better there or end up living there (if they are too injured to return to the ocean).  The kids loved it last year and loved it again this year.  These three turtles were being released back into the ocean in a few hours.  We wished them well!

DSC 5094

Mandatory pic with their fun sign!

DSC 5100

Avery chatted up the "teeto teeto teetos!"  This one actually looked like he was talking to her cuz he kept opening his mouth and looking at her.  She was pleased.

DSC 5106

And then we hit the beach.  Eric said that Avery had been running down the sand dunes the other day and wanted her to do it again for pictures.

DSC 5134

He made me do it too.

DSC 5141

When I got down, he said I didn't do it with enough heart.

DSC 5142

Avery had to do it again too.

DSC 5143

And then I got my second chance.

DSC 5146

This is the best picture of my stride that he could get?!  Please.  I could do much better.

DSC 5158

He blamed me though.  Said I didn't exaggerate it enough.

DSC 5160

Then the kids played in the sand.  Don't worry, we (unlike some other morons we know) picked up our can before we left.

DSC 5165

Avery decided to tackle her brother.  He had to grin and bear it because he was the one who taught her that.

DSC 5175DSC 5183

I like how she's still smiling even though she has a mouthful of sand.

DSC 5185DSC 5189DSC 5195

Then their new friend Tag stopped by to join in the fun.

DSC 5199DSC 5213

Could Dylan be any sweeter?!?!?!

DSC 5216

Avery has been quite enamored with the college girls.  Likewise though.  Obviously.

DSC 5218DSC 5227DSC 5229DSC 5236

And then we just HAD to get all wet.

DSC 5242DSC 5263

Some got more wet than others.

DSC 5295

Despite the look on her face, she WAS enjoying herself.

DSC 5300

And finally, here is our ice cream loot.  They are all almost empty!  Blue Bell gets 4 enthusiastic thumbs up from us!

DSC 5301

Well, today is our last full day here so we gotta make the most of it!  Back to MN we go tomorrow.  Siiiiiiiiiigh.

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