Sunday, February 27, 2011

South Padre Island Part 2

Greetings from South Padre Island!  There is a lull in the Oscar's so I thought I'd write a new post.  It wasn't as foggy this morning as it was the day before, so we brought the camera on our morning beach walk.  It's a shame I didn't have it the day before though, because Dylan acted as though his clothes were a wet suit. Today he was a little more tame.  Sorry you missed it!

DSC 4794

Avery was NOT a fan of the wind today.

DSC 4798

He said I was at tall as the building.  He lied!

DSC 4820

I thought that the humidity and/or haze wasn't going to affect the camera/pictures, but I guess maybe I was wrong cuz this looks a little hazy.

DSC 4824

DSC 4840DSC 4844DSC 4850DSC 4851

Then I had to go up and get Avery's stocking hat and I came back to the beach to find several large holes.

DSC 4861DSC 4863DSC 4872DSC 4881DSC 4882

And about 2 minutes after I got the hat, she tugged on my arm and said, "condo!"  So back up I went.

DSC 4893

Lots of other things happened today, but none of it was photographed.  Lots of swimming, chip eating, treat indulging and gawking at the spring breakers.  We'll rinse and repeat tomorrow!  Later!

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