Wednesday, March 2, 2011

South Padre Island Part 3

Another couple of days in the sun for us!  Minnesota is NOT going to feel good on Friday.  Spring better arrive soon because we are really gonna miss this weather!

The spring breakers have officially taken over our area, so we've spent a lot less time in the pool.  Maintenance had to take out a lot of the water and put in fresh with a ton of chlorine to un-do some of the damage they did (use your imagination).  We're finding that before noon is "our time" in the pool.  After noon, we go do other things.  Yesterday we did sit by the pool in the afternoon to watch the spectacle.  There was a head wound, boobies, beer bongs, profanity - the whole nine yards!  Great for small ears and eyes to see!  These kids have no respect for their elders or impressionable young minds!  They're all paying for it right about now though.  HA!  Enjoy your hangovers, kiddies!

Anyway, onto the pictures...

DSC 4902DSC 4911

The kids got more books about sea life.  Dylan is loving them - Avery, not so much.  She's a simple girl.

DSC 4917

My new shoes - be jelly.

DSC 4918

They are NOT shoes - they are sandals.

DSC 4920DSC 4919

The next few pictures are for Uncle Jon.  Dylan is ready for his official lesson from you!

DSC 4922

Dylan's teammate - his new girlfriend, Melissa.  So what if they are sorta related!  Dylan is OBSESSED with Sissa.  They started seeing each other a couple days ago and have broken up once so far.  She stood him up for a tennis date (see below) but he quickly forgave his first love.

DSC 4930DSC 4934

Any sport where Dylan is required to whack a ball - he excels at it.  He has some work to do, but for the most part he was doing pretty well!

DSC 4936DSC 4952DSC 4953

Here is yesterday morning on the beach.  A hat is required for small ear protection.  She gets this from me.  I thought I was gonna lose an ear during my run yesterday morning.  My ears!  My ears!

DSC 4962

Eric saw someone feeding the seagulls and decided he wanted to charm them too.  First he tricked them with a shell, but switched to actual bread when the seagulls wised up.

DSC 4966

Staged photos - I instruct him what to do for maximum cuteness and he does it.

DSC 4985DSC 4986DSC 4991DSC 4995DSC 5003

Dylan's turn to feed the seagulls.

DSC 5004

And Avery's turn.

DSC 5017

Family pic!

DSC 5020DSC 5024

And more tennis.  This time with Avos and minus Melissa. This is when she stood Dylan up.

DSC 5035

He didn't want to play with me, so his game suffered.

DSC 5041

I tried showing him all my tricks (I have very few) and it didn't work.

DSC 5048

Here we are discussing his heartache.  I am trying to console him and remind him that no matter what, his mom will always be there for him.

DSC 5064

He wasn't buying it.  He wanted his Sissa.

DSC 5065

Then Eric convinced him to work on his swing a little bit in case Melissa showed.  Sadly, she never did.  Instead, we hear she opted for a nap.  Apparently she hadn't heard that naps are illegal in Texas (according to Dylan).

DSC 5073

She rescheduled their date for this morning.  Stay tuned to see if she shows.  If she doesn't, she'll read this blog when she returns home to MN later today and feel pretty bad!  HA HA Sissa!  Being shamed on the internet!  FOR SHAME!

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  1. Great sandals!! Love the tennis action shots and saga. Good entertainment!