Saturday, February 12, 2011


There was an incident today.  And no, nothing froze on my watch for once.  It was semi-warm-ish outside, so we decided we better suit up and get some fresh air.  Dylan assumed the position.  He knows the drill.

DSC 4537

"Put Avery next to me!"  Okay.

DSC 4538

"Avery!  Avery!  Smile for mom!  Smile, Avery!"

DSC 4539

Give her a hug, that will work!

DSC 4540

Avery trying to ignore his pleas (and mine).

DSC 4541

Come on Avery!  Humor us!

DSC 4542

How about a kiss?  Will that cheer you up?

DSC 4543


DSC 4544

BUahahahaha!  Totally caught a fun brother/sister fight on camera!  Loved it!

Then, since Avery couldn't ride on the snowmobile, we hit the road in the bike cart.  Didn't get too far tho b/c the front wheel is all wonky.  So we had to modify and tip it back to get it to go.



We tried to walk to the bridge to see if the otters were out sunning themselves, but with the wonky bike cart and the dang snowmobilers - the side road was a better choice.  We call this, "Carol's Road."  A lady named Carol lives on that road.  Carol rocks the short shorts while mowing.  Did I just say that?  Too much information?  I have more dirt on Carol, but I'll save that for telling you about - oh - never!  Anyway, back on topic.  Dylan is making "dinosaur tracks" here and asking if I think the snowmobilers will be scared when they see said tracks.  YES.


Then he asked to take pictures of us.  I agreed. (I bet you see where this is going)


"Okay Mom!  Run!"


"I got it! Another one!"




And that was the incident.  The point and shoot took a nasty fall.  Normally, he recovers so well, but this time was different.  He's not moving.

2011 02 12 20 10 39 15

See how that lens is a little wonky?

2011 02 12 20 10 47 866

I'm hoping Mr Fix It can fix it when he gets back from his old man hockey tournament.  I read online that if we take a little eyeglass screwdriver and gently stick it in there and give it a little lift that it will spring back into place.  I hope so anyway!

Well, I must now unwind with my tea.  I sure do miss my other half when he's gone!  It was a LONG day.



  1. that was sooo funny!!! you really need to make a collage of those pix in sequence!! and yes, I bet Mr. Fix-it can fix it!! I remember him fixing your camera after it took the dive at Mina!!

  2. Your kids are GORGEOUS!! I love love LOVE that series of shots. How adorable:)

    I did that exact thing with my camera the other day and I was crushed, but i just kind of tapped it and it was okay in the end.