Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

I woke up to a wonderful gift this morning!  And it's the kind of gift that just keeps on giving.  A runny nose.  And now I'm the brand new owner of a red, chapped nose too.  A big thank you to my Valentine's - Dylan and Avery for that thoughtful gift.  I'm pretty sure I know when it happened too - Avery coughed INTO my mouth.  Think thats what did it.  So now I have an insane head cold.  I think I'll get over it faster than they did tho.  Cuz see, I actually DO eat my VEGGIES (seriously, the green monster can cure anything!).  And I have access to copious amounts of Emergen-C (which is fabulous stuff, I must say).

So what did we do today, you ask?  Well, after school was over we came home and made these pretty babies:

DSC 4547

I give you - Vegan Cupcakes with Vegan Buttercream Frosting.  I'm looking out for my digestive system here, people.  It needs gentle nurturing.  And I knew there was not going to be much nurturing going on at dinner time.  So it was the least I could do.  Not that these are HEALTHY by any means.  Just because they are vegan, doesn't mean they are healthy.  I know - I made them.  Sugar, sugar, sugar.

DSC 4550

And there definitely wasn't a sugar shortage in this guy's system today.  "Mom - can I have a treat for being nice to my sister?"  "Mom!  I was reallllllly good just now, can I have a treat?"  "Mom!  Its been 5 minutes since my last treat!  Can I have a treat now?!"  It's like Halloween and Christmas all over again.  Treat detox is in the near future.  He has an insane amount of treats from his school party and now I've added to the madness with cupcakes.  What?! I need treats too!  And I would prefer they are NOT in the form of sweet tarts and pixie sticks.

DSC 4552

Avery enjoyed her cupcake.  Thoroughly.  She made sure that every last crumb made its way to her belly.

DSC 4556

What did NOT make its way to her belly was this fabulous dinner I made.  Homemade Enchiladas from America's Test Kitchen's Best of 2011 book (you can get it at Walmart, I just noticed).  These were awesome!  Why in the heck she didn't want to eat them - I don't know.  Eric tried bribing her with "treats" and it didn't work.  Perhaps b/c the treats were peanuts and croutons.  I just love listening to her beg for croutons though.  Wish I had a video clip of it because she is just way too cute!  Anyway - I made the meat in the crockpot (not what the recipe said to do, but whatever - it worked just fine) and so it simmered all day long and made the house smell yummy.  Can't wait for leftovers tomorrow at lunch!

DSC 4562

Treat boy and his balloon that his sister so lovingly picked out for him at the store.  Okay, I'm lying.  I suggested she pick one for Dylan, but I know she was just thinking "MINE! MINE! MINE!"  Sharing is not her forte.

DSC 4565

I have bad news for the persons who made this valentine for Avery (and the ones for us too).  She took all the letters and all the misc decor and ate them.  Okay, she didn't EAT them.  But she TRIED to eat them.  So they had to be tossed.  And I know you all worked so hard!

DSC 4574

See - this is what she gets for not sharing and eating valentines!  Take that Avos!

DSC 4580

Well, I must take my nose to bed.  I suppose it will be pleasant sleeping.  Ha.  Later!

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  1. Oooooooh poor little Avoes!! Her loony got away!!
    Looks like the Wikoffs had a pretty sweet V. day!! So much fun for the kids!!! food looked yummy as usual!! XXXX MOM