Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Zumba Instructor Training

What?  I was gone again?  So sorry about that!  Life got in the way the last few days.  I was gone to Minneapolis for Zumba instructor training (!) and then when I got back, Eric left for a business trip and we’ve been busy busy busy ever since.  And things just got even more awesome last night because our “shitter is full!”  Yep, the septic tank needs to be pumped.  Why, oh WHY, do these things always seem to happen when Eric is not here?!  Like when the pipes froze 2 winters ago?!  Fun times for Trishy!  So anyway, its gonna get kinda stinky around here today (and possibly tomorrow since it can’t be pumped in sub zero weather).  NOT looking forward to it.


Well, how about something a little more pleasant.  Zumba!  The instructor training was, in a word - AWESOME.  The instructor who taught us all day was just a breath of fresh air with a fun personality and was an amazing dancer.  We started out by taking her master class and dancing for an hour led by her.  The music was so loud and moved through you in such a way that you just wanted to keep going and going.  When that hour was up, it was kind of a let down, but at the same time – exciting because it really gave us all something to strive for – giving a class JUST like that.  I mean, I had goose bumps the whole time because it was just such a fun experience.  I can only hope I am able to be HALF the instructor she is someday because if I am – that will be enough for me.  She really did  make the class and I often hear from my fitness friends who take Zumba that its the instructor that makes or breaks the class.  So, I have a lot to live up to!  Surprised  The rest of the day was spent breaking down the 4 main rhythms of Zumba dance and dancing several songs in each rhythm.  So, basically, we danced ALL DAY.  Which was actually quite fun!  Definitely draining, but the songs she picked were always so great that once you heard the music, you forgot how tired you were and just went with it.  We also got a lot of written information and some DVDs and CDs of choreography and music to work on in preparation for our first classes.  I need to learn 10-12 songs for my 1st class.  I already have 1 song down (from before the class) and I just started on 3 more this morning.  Problem with this plan though, is that I can’t hear the music very well at 5am because I have to have the volume down so as not to wake my peeps up.  So I might have to re-evaluate my plan of action.  And I’m also supposed to listen to my music CONSTANTLY.  This is the first time Eric is hearing this, so get ready honey!  LOL!  You’re gonna love turning Latin!  The kids have already converted and can speak fluent Spanish!  Wink  They really ARE enjoying the music though.  I turn it on and they immediately start smiling and dancing.  There’s just something about it! I don’t know what it is about this music – but it really does make you want to shake it!  Avery even gets a little mad when I turn it off.  She starts yelling, “BOOMBA!  BOOMBA! BOOMBAAAAAA!!!!!”  I can’t wait til she’s old enough to come to class and be my mini me dancing in my class!  Smile


So anyway, it was lots of fun and I’m nervous and excited about teaching my first class.  I KNOW without a doubt, that I CAN do this.  But its going to be A LOT of preparation to get ready to teach my 1st class.  I think after I get over that hurdle, that it will become a lot easier.  People all over the world are doing this every day and are doing awesome at it.  So why can’t I?  Ya know!?  So, I will be busy busy busy with learning my combinations.  So forgive me if there are less blogs and less pics of recipes, etc.  At least for a little while.  Though, the instructor did say that I can expect to lose 5-10 pounds while learning my 12 songs for my 1st class.  And if I DON’T want to lose weight (which I don’t) then I have to start eating more.  So perhaps there will be food pics!  LOL!  But you better believe that there is going to be some Latin FLAVA in each meal – even if it means that I am dancing while cooking.  That’s somethin! 

So, get ready for Zumba with Trishy because it’s coming people!  Wish me luck!

Oh and here’s a couple of things I need to mention – 1. My new Macbook Pro will be arriving sometime this week!  So this means I will be blogging from a new TBD platform.  If anyone has any recommendations, please GIVE THEM TO ME.  I am gonna seriously miss Windows Live Writer I think.  Sad  BUT – I will have a new Mac, so there’s that! Yay!

2. I kinda dropped the ball on Shuttercal.  There, I got it off my chest.  Shuttercal is dead.  Let’s all just get over it and move on.  Though, I’m sure that no one really kept up on it this time judging by the lack of comments (jerks!). 

Okay, well, I think I will try to take some kiddy pics today of my little latin dancers.  So that gives you something to look forward to!  Hopefully our stinky-ness doesn’t translate into our photos too much! Wink



  1. Sorry about the septic tank. That truly sucks! I know I'm a relatively new reader, but I can't say I'll be sad to see Shuttercal go. I prefer the blog :-) Looking forward to the bailarinos latinos!

  2. Congrats on the Zumba training, Trisha! I LOVE dance classes. I miss my Jazzercise (facility in my town closed) and I especially loved the Latin dances we would do. Maybe I should try to find some Zumba close by. :)