Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why don't the newscasters cry when they read about people who die?

Good morning!  I just had the news on like I do every morning. They were talking about some woman who left her baby in the car on a hot day and went to work.  I had it on for about 30 seconds before I quickly turned if off.  One – because I don’t like hearing those kinds of stories.  They make my stomach turn and my imagination starts to run wild with visions of bad things happening to my babies.  Don’t like it.  And two – because Dylan is obsessed with the word “die” lately.  We know that he doesn’t even know what that really means.  Its hard for a 3 year old to fully grasp the concept, I know.  He just says it A LOT.  “Avery fell down.  She’s dead.”  “Blake said his mom is dead.” (Blake is our neighbor’s grandson.  His mom is NOT dead, but apparently Blake is obsessed with the word too cuz he told Dylan this).  He seriously brings it up several times each day.  So I knew this news story would spark another long conversation about death.  And I was right.  It was too late – he had already heard enough.  So how fun was it trying to explain why a little baby would die in a hot car?!  Super fun, let me tell you!  He even looked worried at one point – like he was starting to “get” it.  I assured him that he didn’t have to worry about that happening to him because 1.  His mommy is super awesome and would never forget him no matter how tired I am! ; )  And 2. He would never let me forget him in the car.  So then he asked what happened to the baby after the baby died.  So we talked about how people are buried in the ground after they die.  Here’s where I knew it wasn’t really sinking in.  “Well, I’d just go dig em up!  Then they wouldn’t be dead anymore!” Sigh.  Guess we’ll keep working on that concept!


Anyone else’s kids obsessed with the word “die” or the subject of death?  How do you explain it? 


  1. Kira is as well. She found a dead bird with her older cousins while we were at the boat club to go for a ride on my Dad's boat and its been all about finding dead things ever since. She even makes up scenarios about how her toys and animals have died.
    It also doesn't help that we live across the street from a cemetery. Everytime the backhoe comes in to dig a plot I get 20 questions about who was it that died and what they died from. :-/

  2. Yikes- glad we don't live by a cemetery! Well, glad to know he's not the only 3 (almost 4!) year old obsessed with the subject!