Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ankle Biters

Ahhhhh, sweet relief.  The workday is winding down now as the final book is currently being read.  What?  I work!  You think working 12-15 hour days listening to crying, screaming, whining, wiping butts, making food, watching food you lovingly made go uneaten, picking up spit out food, scraping food off of various surfaces, doing copious amounts of laundry, cleaning up cat puke, cleaning up baby puke and many many many other things that are not so fun is not WORK?  Well, I beg to differ.  This is the CEO of Wikoff Industries and I’m the boss, so listen up!  Ha! 

Anywho, the children had a pretty good day today I think.  Please tell me I’m not the only one with a living room that looks like this by the afternoon:


And this isn’t even all that bad!  Its definitely been worse!  They were having quite a time with the wagon.  He was instructed to “GO SLOW” with her in it but I bet you can guess how long that lasted.  At one point, I heard him asking her if she wanted to go slow and she’s big into shaking her head “no” right now, so of course she shook her head NO when he asked her.  So he yells to me, “Mommmm!  Avery said she wants to go fast!  I asked her and thats what she said!”   She didn’t seem to mind too much and it was all fun and games until he stopped short (to avoid crashing into something himself) and she came slamming forward and hit her head on the handle.  She was fine though.  She went right back to the wagon and said, “Riiiiiiiiiide?”  She kept saying that over and over again, which was pretty cute.DSC_9373 She thought it was fun when he joined her in the wagon for oh – about 2.4 seconds and then she got mad.DSC_9375 DSC_9376 He was being so loving until she started protesting…DSC_9378 I think it was the sleeper hold that pushed her over the edge.DSC_9379 Yep, that did it.  Avos is MAD.DSC_9380 “Leave me alone!!!!”DSC_9382 “Uh, Mother?  You gonna put down that damn camera and help me?!”DSC_9383 “Ooooh whats that on your shirt?” (easily distractable)DSC_9385 “Hey wait – don’t pull me with HIM in here!  This is ridiculous! I am the princess and I ride ALONE!”  DSC_9390"That’s it!  I’m out of here!”


And that was the end of their wagon fun. 

Oh and if you were wondering about the “Ankle Biters” title – yeah, Avery bit my ankle today.  No joke.  Apparently she was mad?  ; )


Anywho, that about wraps it up for today.  Join us again tomorrow, won’t you?

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  1. Ooooh funny!! I remember when you and Tommy would play like that!!
    Poor Dylan looks perplexed when she is screaming---like geez, I was just lovin' you up!!! XXXXX