Tuesday, July 6, 2010

When Daddy is away…

Eric is gone to Minneapolis for work today and tomorrow.  So its just us!  Here’s a bit of what we did today – cuz I know there are people out there who care.  Hi Mom!


Here’s Ingrid’s Holly Hawks – is that how you spell it Mom?  Anyway, Ingrid got these from my Mom and they grew.  The ones she gave us did not.  Though, that could have something to do with Eric mowing over them.


Here’s today’s lunch.  For me anyway.  Mmmm.  What you see here is a La Tortilla Factory tortilla, slathered with garlic hummus, and then piled on top was spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, cilantro, grilled chicken and avocado.  Good lunch, Trishy!


Here’s some yellow flowers my mom gave us that are SO tall this year.  Just had to take a pic of them!                                                                                                                         


We have little baby tomatoes!!!  Dylan can’t wait til they are “all red and juicy!”



It was a hot day, so of course we had to fill the pool.  The towels are there so wild child doesn’t bonk her head on the cement climbing in and out of the pool.  Not that that helps much, but oh well.                                                                                                               


Getting in her car Dukes of Hazzard style!                                                                          



He won’t smile normal now when I ask him to smile.  At least his fake silly smile is cute!




And here is my great invention of the day!  I made a mist sprayer!  It ROCKS!!!  I set it up, sat down in my chair and it was PERFECTION!  Avery didn’t seem to like it much and it made the cement wet and slippery.  So I think it might be a nap time only contraption.  Love it though!  I think it will be awesome on days when its in the upper 90’s…..I know those days are coming. 

 DSC_8765DSC_8764 DSC_8766                                

That’s all for now.  I’ve got some tv watching to do!! When Eric is gone, I have to catch up on all my shows!

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  1. You are just too clever!! "don't need no stinkin' misting fan!!" such cute pix of the kids---and pretty posey pix too!! wish my daisies (here) looked so good, maybe next year??!!