Friday, July 9, 2010

Fitness Friday

We often don’t have a lot of noteworthy happenings going on around here.  Hence, the lack of posts in the past few days.  I know that the grandparents wouldn’t ever get sick of seeing endless pictures of my children doing a whole lot of nothing. I don’t know about the rest of you though (if there even is a “rest of you”).  So in an effort to keep this blog more ALIVE, figured I’d start talking about stuff that keeps me interested and maybe you’ll all be interested too?  Yes?  I knew it! 

So fitness is a part of my every day, so I figured – why not have a weekly fitness post?  I know my fellow “Fitness Freaks” on Facebook will be interested – but then none of this will be new to them anyway.  So these posts will be for the rest of you slugs!  Just kidding!  I just thought that maybe people were in workout slumps (stuck in a “30 Day Shred” rut, anyone?) or not working out at all – that maybe this might help you to “work on your fitness”  (a phrase Eric and I use a lot) too.

Well, today’s workout was with Ellen Barrett.  Did I mention I mainly workout with DVDs?  Yes, I do.  For 7ish months of the year, its cold, snowy and I’m sure as hell not driving an hour to the gym! So DVD’s are what I have to work with.  If you are like my husband, you probably think that its silly.  Well, I can assure you – you still can get a great workout from DVDs.   And I’m talking sweat dripping, heart pumping, feel like you are going to die workouts.  Yes, they exist on DVD.  No treadmill required!  Anyway, back to Ellen Barrett.  She is NOT part of the “sweat dripping, heart pumping, feel like you are going to die” genre, but she still delivers an amazing workout that always leaves me feel energized and dare I say it – happy?!  There is just something about this woman that leaves me feeling invigorated.  She has a series of DVD’s called the “Studio Series” that are filmed in her studio in Connecticut.  The one I did today is called Fat Burning Fusion.  To quote the back of the box (I don’t want to have to try and describe this or it might come off sound hokey! LOL), “Fat Burning Fusion is barefoot liquid cardio…blends standing Pilates, calisthenics, and simple ballet to elongate muscles, burn lots of fat and flatter the female physique.”  Yes, this one is just for the ladies ( I’ll try to feature some workouts that men can do too in later posts).  Her workouts are supposed to create that long, lean dancer’s body for women.  And I think she does an excellent job in helping to make that happen.  I love Ellen’s workouts and always look forward to doing them.  No dread factor at all!   And its very easy on the joints.  My usual cardio routines have been kind of wearing on my ankles and knees, but this is very gentle – yet still effective.  So if you are wanting to take it easy on your body and still get a good workout – Ellen’s DVDs are for you! 

Well, there ya have it!  Fitness Friday’s!  Woohoo!  You know you all love it. 

Here’s a clip from Fat Burning Fusion:

                              P.S.  I don’t know what this fitness fly website is (that posted the video) so if you want to order this one (or any other dvd) let me know – and I will give you the web address of an awesome fitness dvd online retailer. 

P.P.S.  Is anyone reading this?  Leave comments so I know you are there!  Come on now! 


  1. I'm here...I'm in the category of not making time to drive to the workout place, so I don't work out. Maybe I will have to try some DVD's...Keep these posts going...I'm sure it will motivate me one of these days!

  2. I'm reading. Request for next Friday....ABS!!!!


  3. I read it and watched the video!