Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July weekend

Greetings!  Sorry for the delay in posting a new blog!  I’m sure you’re used to that though.  ; )  It was just too busy to get on the computer.  Not to mention it was waaaay too hot to sit with a laptop on my lap as it doubles as a heating pad. 

Well, the weekend included a lot – so hold onto your hats!DSCN0527

Us ladies did the Fertile Fair 5K on Saturday morning.  We intended to get a before and after photo, but this is what we got.  A picture of my number as the timer went off.  We really needed a tripod apparently.  We then asked a fellow race competitor to take our photo.  Turns out she was better at running than taking a picture because later on we checked and there was no picture on the camera.  Booooo.


Here is our after photo.  It was HOT! 


Back at Maple Lake – the usual shenanigans.  Dylan pushing Grandpa into the lake.  He’s so pleased with himself!


I don’t really know what Jamie and Ryan are doing here.  I think they were trying to make Kelli laugh, but she either didn’t see them or thought they were lame.  ????


The peanut parade!  Adelyn, Easton and Avery are all 1 and already fight with each other quite well.  Here they are playing nice tho while Auntie Kacie (and Mom to Easton) pulls them in the wagon.   DSC_8646

Dylan playing with Grandma.  I think he was just coming off of a crying fit over nothing.  Lack of sleep will do that to a guy.  Grandma did a good job of distracting him though.  DSC_8649

More of the peanut parade.  Thought I’d picture the work horse and her amazing abs!  Just wait til she has more children… ; )


Aren’t they sweet??? DSC_8654 DSC_8655

Easton looks like he needs a little help here. 


Here is one of their favorite toys to fight over.  Avery (aka Brutus) was  letting it be known that even though she is the youngest of the three, that she still can hold her own.  Move it Addi!


Addi didn’t like this. DSC_8661

Success! DSC_8662

Weeeeee!  (note that Addi is still mad at her) DSC_8664 DSC_8665

The boys have it so easy!  Ella didn’t let that stop her from peeing off the edge of the boat too (not pictured!).


July 3rd fireworks time.  The kids did sparklers and Chandler and Murphy (Channy’s friend) lit off some smoke bombs and other crappy fireworks. 


Dylan was a walking zombie.  See that blank look on his face.  It was STUCK there in the evenings.  He does not do too well with sleep deficits.   DSC_8676

And here are the July 4th fireworks.  More sparklers!DSC_8688



We went out on the boat to watch more fireworks.  Dylan actually fell asleep on the boat.  I don’t blame him though.  When we got back and got inside the cabin, I noticed it was 11:30 pm.  He normally goes to bed at 7:30!!  Poor kid! DSC_8702

And I just had to include a food photo.  Jamie and Ryan are doing a 21 day cleanse, so we ate a lot of veggies this weekend.  For the record, they had a cheat afternoon/evening on July 4th.  Complete with breads, crackers, cheese and BOOZE.   DSCN0537

And finally, another visit to Loon Lodge before heading back home.  The kids were NOT in good moods.  Did I mention they were sleep deprived?DSC_8713

Here is the new version of Fun Island!   DSC_8723

Avery was throwing a temper tantrum.  Note sleepy boy in the background.


Seriously, they were SOOOO tired.  We had to cut the boat ride really short because they were both falling asleep just sitting there. DSC_8729

Uggggggggg, I’m TIRED!!!! DSC_8732

Well, that about sums up the weekend!  Hope you all had a great 4th! : )    

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  1. Soooo fuunnnny!! Looks like fun at Maple Lake!! Love the pix and your captions!! 3 one year olds in a wagon!! can't wait to see them all at Cass Lake!! I think Kim and Danny deserve grandparent of the year awards---that's a ginormous sand box and how many sandy little feet???